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NEW EPISODE: Backyard Brawl Recap

Could you tell a difference in confidence between the two teams? How does the return of Akok Akok and Kerr Krissa affect the playing time for other players? Is the computer being reasonable with WVU’s Big 12 record prediction? Let’s answer those questions and more after WVU’s blowout loss to Pittsburgh.

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NEW EPISODE: St. John’s (Big East/Big 12 Battle) Recap

Did Rick Pitino use the Huggins playbook against Coach Eilert and West Virginia? Were you ready for Kobe Johnson demanding a double-team in the post? Is Depaul always there for you? Let’s answer those questions and more after WVU’s home loss to St. John’s.

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NEW EPISODE: Baylor Review

The West By Pod Boys recap a thrilling regular season finale and what it means in the grand scheme of the WVU football program. The guys also recap the final week of the Big 12 season and precap the Big 12 championship game.

NEW EPISODE: Bellarmine Recap

After six games, are WVU’s offensive metrics in uncharted territory? Should Josiah Harris be on the floor, even if he doesn’t score? Will this episode’s Q&A include scamming emails? Let’s answer those questions and more after WVU’s close win over Bellarmine.


WVU’s tank was as full as it was going to be at the beginning of this basketball game. The tank was empty before the game was over. How does WVU get to the end of basketball games with gas in the tank? Let’s attempt gas in the tank analytics after WVU’s loss to SMU in Fort Myers.

NEW EPISODE: Cincinnati Recap/Baylor Preview

Jordan and Joel breakdown another blowout of a new Big 12 team, cover the league in the Recap/Precap, answer listener questions, and discuss the regular season finale versus an unimpressive Baylor team

NEW EPISODE: Jacksonville State Recap

What have we learned about Coach Eilert after 3 games? Is the world ready for Aggressive Kobe Johnson? What’s the relationship of losing two buy games in a row with dividing a number by zero? Let’s answer these questions and more after WVU’s win over Jacksonville State.

NEW EPISODE: Oklahoma Recap/Cincinnati Preview

Jake joins Jordan this week to discuss the embarrassment in Norman, the Big 12 recap/precap, answer listener questions, and prep for Cincinnati

Unreasonable Doubt Podcast: Addio Italia

Italy trip cancelled. 9 Mountaineer players have entered the transfer portal so far this offseason. 7 are gone, 1 is weighing options in the portal, and 1 came back to WVU. Let’s discuss.

NEW EPISODE: Monmouth Recap

Can you be upset at the result if there are no expectations? Can you be upset with the players and coaches when that offseason happens and they’re still here? Let’s answer those questions and more after watching Coach Josh Eilert lose his first game as a D1 Basketball Coach.

NEW EPISODE: Happy Trails To You (BYU Recap/Oklahoma Preview)

It’s November and the Mountaineers are still playing meaningful football games! Jordan and Joel recap a stress-free beatdown of BYU, talk about an epic weekend in the Big 12, answer listener questions, and preview the Oklahoma Sooners.

NEW EPISODE: George Mason Recap

Let’s wish a speedy recovery to Akok Akok. Let’s also make some observations after one game that doesn’t count. Let’s also discuss the NCAA’s denial of Raequan Battle’s waiver.


The guys discuss the Mountaineers bouncing back in the bounce house, the Big 12 approaching its most exciting week of matchups, and preview BYU’s trip to Morgantown for a night game at Milan Puskar Stadium

NEW EPISODE: Oklahoma State Review/UCF Preview

Coming off a second head-scratching loss, Joel and Jordan discuss what has gone wrong with the Mountaineers, how margins in the Big 12 are razor-thin, and what WVU needs to do to bounce back against a potent UCF team.

Unreasonable Doubt: Some Preseason Rankings (No Waiver Decision)

The computer preseason rankings are coming out. The Big 12 Coaches have given their preseason rankings. The NCAA has not given their decision on Raequan Battle’s waiver. Let’s discuss all of this.

NEW EPISODE: The Exclusive Season?

The early computer rankings have WVU in the bottom half of the Big 12. Is that going to make the 2023-24 WVU Basketball season feel like an exclusive club?

West By Pod: Time To Talk About It (Houston Review/Oklahoma State Preview)

Joel and Jordan unpack an unforgettable night in Houston, do their normal rounds of Big 12 Recap/Precap, and discuss Oklahoma State’s rising stock.

NEW EPISODE: Dominos and Dice

The dominos that get us closer to WVU Basketball are starting to fall

NEW EPISODE: Waiting All Day for Thursday Night (Houston Preview)

Refreshed from the bye week, the guys get you caught up from around the league and get you prepped for a Thursday night showdown versus Dana Holgorsen and Houston.

NEW EPISODE: Hello Preseason! with Patrick Oliverio

The preseason is here! Let’s celebrate by digging in on the four players on this season’s roster that played on last season’s team. After that, Patrick Oliverio (hail_eers_brand on Instagram; @PatrickO9WV on Twitter aka X) joins the podcast to talk about his now famous EERS hat and his thoughts on the upcoming WVU Basketball season!

NEW EPISODE: We’re Going Streaking! (Texas Tech Recap & TCU Preview)

The guys cover all the details of a surprising home upset over the Red Raiders, chat about the opening weekend of Big 12 conference play, and get you ready for a showdown in Fort Worth Saturday night.

NEW EPISODE: Pitt Recap and Texas Tech Preview

Jordan and Joel share their thoughts and experiences from an electric night in Morgantown where WVU avenged last season’s loss to the Panthers. before getting into how wide open the Big 12 is in their weekly Recap/Precap segment, and then get you ready for next week’s game versus the Red Raiders of Texas Tech.

NEW EPISODE: Backyard Brawlin’ (Pitt Preview)

It’s Backyard Brawl Week! Joel and Jordan wrap up Duquesne, cover the Big 12, and provide all the info and hype you need to get ready for a night Backyard Brawl in Morgantown.

Unreasonable Doubt: AI Talk and Outside Perspectives with Dudesy’s Chad Kultgen

Dudesy co-host Chad Kultgen joins the podcast this week to talk about the future of AI with entertainment and sports, and gives an outside perspective on Josh Eilert’s prospects this coming season

NEW EPISODE: “Disappointed, But Not Discouraged” (Penn State Review)

The season is underway and the West By Pod guys are back with a review of the Mountaineer’s clash with Penn State and a look forward to Saturday’s game against Duquesne

NEW EPISODE: What stat will we look at to determine Josh Eilert’s success?

Isn’t it nice to have some peace and quiet with Mountaineer Men’s Basketball after a loud offseason?

NEW EPISODE: What does West Virginia have to do to shock Penn State on Saturday?

We made it to game week! Let’s kick things off with a look at Penn State and what the Mountaineers will have to do to pull off the upset

What are the best and worst case scenarios for the Mountaineers in 2023?

We’re closing in on game week, so it’s time to break out the crystal ball.

West By Pod: Deep Diving Into Baylor and West Virginia

In the final episode of our Deep Dive series, the fellas take a look at Baylor before deep diving into the Mountaineers

NEW EPISODE: How does conference expansion affect West Virginia’s basketball standing?

We’re exploring the new and exciting(?) world that’s been opened by conference realignment

West By Pod: Shifting landscapes and emerging contenders

This week in our deep dive series, the lads take a look at two teams on very different ends of the spectrum in Oklahoma and Cincinnati

Is UCF a Big 12 sleeper? Why is BYU ahead of West Virginia in the media poll?

On this week’s episode, the boys take a look at a couple of the new kids on the block.

NEW EPISODE: Are Houston and Oklahoma State the soft spot in West Virginia’s schedule?

The boys are continuing their Deep Dive series with a look at Houston and Oklahoma State. Are they a potential soft spot in West Virginia’s schedule?

NEW EPISODE: Finally some good news!

We’ve finally been given a reprieve from the bad news. Let’s talk about it.


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