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West By Pod dives deep into Pitt and Virginia Tech ahead of the 2022 season

Joel and Jordan kick off their Deep Dive series and get you informed about some longtime rivals.

It’s West By Pod: A podcast about WVU sports, the Big 12 conference, and rivalry slander.

This week Joel starts off the episode by answering Jordan’s questions on “Run the Hill”, covering recruiting, the Big 12 Media Poll, and conference realignment. Joel (@WVStatsGuy) and Jordan (@Gameday_Shorts) break down Pitt and Virginia Tech for the 2022 season. The guys talk roster turnover, coaching, and some Vegas numbers. The pod rounds out with a few minutes on Towson, and answering questions from Twitter.

Follow @West_By_Pod on Twitter and send in your questions for next week’s episode, deep diving on Kansas and Texas.


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