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Gather ‘round the crystal ball while our soothsayers take a glimpse at what’s to come when the Mountaineers take on Texas Tech tomorrow in Morgantown

The time has come once again for the staff here at The Smoking Musket and a very special guest to put on our Nostradamus robes and hats to glean from the future. Without further ado.

Joel Bracken (2-0 Straight Up — 2-0 ATS)

Texas Tech ML ● Texas Tech -6-

Tech poses some problems for the Mountaineers. Their offense wants to go fast and I worry we will fall victim to a few quick moving scoring drives. This will be a tough game to win from behind, especially if GG doesn’t go. I think we hang around within striking distance most of the game and Tech gets a late game cover. Not to worry, this should be our toughest opponent for the next 4-5 games.

Texas Tech 31 - West Virginia 20

Jordan Pinto (2-0 Straight Up — 1-1 ATS)


The first quarter will be crucial here in terms of dictating tempo - does Tech speed us up or do we slow them down? I imagine we’ll be even more run heavy than usual with Nicco in line to start, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it’s what we’re best at and will keep Tech’s offense off the field. If we can get close to 200 on the ground and convert half of our red zone opps into tuddies then I think we have a great shot of coming out of this one 3-1.

West Virginia 26 - Texas Tech 23

WVUNite (2-0 Straight Up — 2-0 ATS)

Texas Tech ML ● Texas Tech -6

I think this current roster for West Virginia is good but I just don’t know if we have the playmakers and skill guys to go 12 rounds with an offense that wants to go fast. The concern as always is what happens when we get down. I’m not convinced the secondary is fixed, yet. I can see Tech getting out in front and keeping us at arms length the whole game.

Texas Tech 33 - West Virginia 21

Statsboyandi (2-0 Straight Up — 2-0 ATS)


Neal Brown has never: beat Texas Tech or won 3 games in a row. The Pitt game might have been the biggest game on campus in a long time, but for Neal Brown’s career it feels like Tech is somehow bigger. If Neal Brown is to show he *can* be the guy, he needs a win in the biggest way.

To do that, WVU needs to control the clock on offense and show some kind of deep threat ability. The QB situation will be interesting as well — in their two games against teams with a pulse (Wyoming/Oregon, both of which were loses) Tech allowed both qb’s over 60 yards on the ground.

West Virginia 31 - Texas Tech 26

Nick Shoemaker (2-0 Straight Up — 1-1 ATS)


I’m surprisingly excited for this game. Despite the win over Pitt being ugly, I think WVU has momentum and confidence that we haven’t seen in a few years. I think the defense will benefit the most from that, forcing a couple of key turnovers and holding Texas Tech to field goals. My prediction is that the Mountaineers will narrowly win another ugly one.

West Virginia 24 - Texas Tech 19

WVUIE97 (2-0 Straight Up — 1-1 ATS)

WVU ML ● West Virginia +6

Last week’s offensive showing is hard to get a handle on because of the GG injury, but Nicco managed the game wonderfully. I hope he can improve on that performance with a full week’s preparation as QB1, assuming Neal isn’t up-playing Greene’s injury and Greene comes out and plays Saturday. Either way, high scoring isn’t what I think this team is built for.

West Virginia 22 - Texas Tech 20

Josh Whitt (2-0 Straight Up — 1-1 ATS)


I don’t know who WVU’s starting QB is. I don’t know how good either team really is. Texas Tech struggled with Wyoming. Wyoming has mountains. West Virginia is the Mountain State! So my pick is based purely on mountain bias (and that Neal Brown is due against Texas Tech at home).

West Virginia 35 - Texas Tech 33

Matt Kirchner (2-0 Straight Up — 2-0 ATS)

Texas Tech ML ● Texas Tech -6

Unfortunately, I can’t help but feel that the vibes of the Pitt win will be short lived. I worry that Neal will either be too conservative with Nicco in the lineup or force an 85% Garrett Greene back too soon. I also still have concerns about the back end of the defense that won’t be alleviated until I see it against Not Phil Jurkovec

Texas Tech 31 - West Virginia 20

Michael Miller (2-0 Straight Up — 1-1 ATS)

Texas Tech ML ● Texas Tech -6

As confident as I was in the Mountaineers beating Pitt last week, I’m equally confident in them falling on their face tomorrow afternoon vs. the Red Raiders.

Everyone was juiced up last week. A long hated rival comes to town, we’re looking for revenge. It’s easy for everyone — the team, the coaches, and the fans — to get invested and really fight for that win. We got it, and now we’re all riding that high. West Virginia dominated Duquesne and grinded it out last week in The Backyard Brawl, which leads me to the stat that I cannot shake.

Neal Brown has never beat Texas Tech. He’s also never put together a string of three wins while in Morgantown. WVU is starting an unproven backup quarterback. This one has let down game written all over it. I don’t think West Virginia’s defense is going to be able to slow Texas Tech’s offense down once they get into their tempo, and I’m not super confident in Nicco’s ability to throw the ball.

I want nothing more to be wrong here and for Neal to finally get that monkey off his back, but I think this is the beginning of the end of Neal Brown’s tenure in Morgantown.

Texas Tech 34 - West Virginia 14

West Virginia ML ● WVU +6

Man.. sh**ttt.. ok, we gatta fu*^%* score points. We gatta make some big plays. Us as fans have to motivate these boys to get hype and play mountaineer football. They need to tighten up the chin strap, put a lil more air in the helmets and crack some people in the mouth. Play with that mountaineer passion! B/c let’s be real here, Needle Dick Neal ain’t a motivator! WE have to keep the stands rocking and make sure these cats out there know we have their back!! If we can score some points and have a lot of big hits, I think we get this W

West Virginia 34 - Texas Tech 31

We want to give a huge thanks to Wes for taking the time to play along with us. Go give him a follow on Twitter/X at @WildWild145.