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THE SMOKING MUSKET PREDICTS: West Virginia vs No. 7 Penn State

Gather ‘round the crystal ball while our soothsayers take a glimpse at what’s to come when the Mountaineers take on the Nittany Lions in Happy Valley

The time has come for the staff here at The Smoking Musket and a very special guest to put on our Nostradamus robes and hats to glean from the future. Without further ado.

Joel Bracken

Penn State ML ● Penn State -20.5

Penn St up 14-0 at end of the first quarter. We have one first down and they have two longish drives pounding us with the run. We find some footing and go into half 17-7. First drive in the 3rd quarter gets it to 17-10 before they run it down our throat for the rest of the night. 38-17. Please let me be wrong @Neal

Penn State 38 - West Virginia 17

Jordan Pinto

Penn State ML ● WVU +20.5

This one is going to come down to our ability to run the ball and keep our offense in 2nd and 3rd and manageable situations. Penn State is likely going to get their points either way, but if we can move the ball on the ground and keep their pass rush off-balance then I could see us weathering the storm and making them sweat it out. I think Allar makes a mistake or two, but ultimately the talent gap is too wide for us to actually win unless a ton of weird stuff happens. Moral victories aren’t ideal but they’re acceptable considering the situation.

Penn State 38 - West Virginia 27


Penn State ML ● Penn State -20.5

I struggled to decide if WVU would cover this but ultimately I think Penn State covers, perhaps on a backdoor fieldgoal. The reduced number of possessions per game (10) gives me pause to think that Penn State pulls away but I can easily see a scenario where Penn State is up 20 and kicks a field goal late to make it 43-20 or something to cover. I don’t think WVU has the horses to go into Beaver Stadium at night and win.

Penn State 45 - West Virginia 20


Penn State ML ● Penn State -20.5

This feels like a game where WVU will keep it close for a half, maybe 17-3 or something, but the second half will be Penn State’s running backs skull crushing us for 40-70 yard runs.

Penn State 38 - West Virginia 10

Nick Shoemaker

Penn State ML ● WVU +20.5

I predict that Penn State will jump out to an early double-digit lead. I think the deficit will make Garrett Greene decide to trust his instincts, rather than continue listening to mediocre instruction, which will help West Virginia start to put points on the board. But I think it’ll be too late and the Mountaineers won’t be able to catch up. Nittany Lions win somewhat easily, but WVU doesn’t get completely embarrassed.

Penn State 42 - West Virginia 24


Penn State ML ● West Virginia +20.5

Keeping this one under 10 points would be an accomplishment. I want to believe, but until I see it...

Penn State 28 - West Virginia 21

Josh Whitt

Penn State ML ● WVU +20.5

It’s such a tough way to start the season. It makes me think of 1994 vs Nebraska or 2014 vs Alabama (and those games were neutral-site games). Penn State is probably not as good as those teams, but this game is in Happy Valley. Hopefully WVU can return to Morgantown with minimal injuries and some positives to build on for the rest of the season.

Penn State 34 - West Virginia 17

Matt Kirchner

Penn State ML ● Penn State -20.5

I think that WVU can put together a team that’s better than its miserable preseason projections. There’s a path that leads them to a respectable season. I don’t think that matters on Saturday. PSU just seems too good and too early for West Virginia to have a real chance. I’d love for Neal and company to make me look like a big dumb idiot.

Penn State 38 - West Virginia 17

Michael Miller

Penn State ML ● West Virginia +20.5

I’ve been down on this team since last season. I expected to go into this season with little hope, but now that we’re here I can’t help but feel it bubbling up. I think, talent wise, this team can absolutely go out there and shock Penn State tomorrow night. I also know that there’s a better chance of a poorly called game by Neal Brown ripping whatever momentum the Mountaineers gain right out from in under them.

Now, with that said, I still believe this isn’t going to be a pantsing like most national media will have you believe. West Virginia performs better as the the underdog. It might not be enough for the W, but I think they’re in there. Call it The Neal Brown Special.

Penn State 27 - West Virginia 24

West Virginia ML ● WVU +20.5

This is Neal Brown’s moment. He has slayed giants before and this will be his first at WVU. My fellow ball knowers and I already know the outcome of this one… WVU will win by at least two touchdowns.

West Virginia 35 - Penn State 21

Editors Note: Should West Virginia actually beat Penn State by at least two touchdowns, Neal Brown has to hire EerRational onto the staff as Director of Ball Knowing. We will lead this charge.


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