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The Shotgun/Throwdown: The dam’s about to break, we’ve got a new WVU sneaker and maybe the Twitter insiders were right?

Good morning! This is the Shotgun Throwdown, your daily West Virginia sports roundup.

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Arizona Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to The Shotgun/Throwdown.

In a crazy turn of events, it turns out WVU realignment insider MHver3 might actually know what he’s talking about. He’s been well ahead on a lot of this stuff recently.

What a world.

Let’s have a good Thursday, shall we?

HERE IT COMES... Arizona and Arizona State are expected to join the Big 12 Conference in the coming days. The Wildcats and Sun Devils will follow Colorado to a new home after the Pac-12’s failure to secure a good TV contract to ensure stability of the conference.

The Big 12 will most likely add one additional school along with Arizona and Arizona State, with Utah being the most likely. Meanwhile, to the north, the Big Ten is reportedly evaluating Oregon and Washington, among other schools including Stanford and Cal, for expansion. If the Big Ten were to pass on Oregon for Stanford, one would think the Ducks would jump Utah on Brett Yormark’s wish list.

NEW SNEAKER ALERT... With the 2023 college football season approaching, it’s time to show your colors. Nike just released their yearly college football shoe collection and the Mountaineers are represented once again.

Here’s noted sneakerhead Wren Baker with the announcement and a look at the shoe.

If you bought the previous editions of the Pegasus, the 40s have the same responsiveness and neutral support you love. With improved comfort in those sensitive areas of your foot, like the arch and toes.


MUSKET MIXTAPE... Neal Brown met with the media yesterday after the first practice of preseason camp... Randy Mazey added Air Force assistant Jimmy Roesinger to his coaching staff... Nikki Izzo-Brown announced the addition of Eric Beltran as assistant coach...

SONG(S) OF THE DAY... “Shenandoah Shakedown” by West Virginia native John R. Miller
I will be sharing a variety of genres here. If you don’t like today’s song, there’s always tomorrow. Don’t ruin the vibe.