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Bob Huggins Resigns Following DUI Arrest

Arrested on Friday evening, Huggins met with administration and players and resigned

NCAA Basketball: Texas Christian at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Following his arrest on Friday night in Pittsburgh, West Virginia basketball head coach Bob Huggins has resigned from his duties. The Hall of Fame coach met with University and Athletic Department leadership to detail his resignation from the program.

The arrest is the second incident in less than two months for Huggins, who in May, made two homophobic comments on a call-in show in Cincinnati. Following the debacle on the call-in show, WVU amended Huggins’ contract, reducing it to a year-to-year contract and giving WVU sole discretionary power over his employment. The contract contained zero tolerance language regarding any homophobic comments however, this isn’t the first drunken incident for Huggins. Huggins was arrested in 2004 for DUI while the head coach at Cincinnati.

At age 69, it is assumed this will be the last time Huggins coaches. If this is true, Huggins finishes his career with 935 victories, third-most all time behind only Mike Kryzewski and Jim Boeheim. He helped coach West Virginia to the NCAA Tournament 11 of the 16 years as head coach, including the Sweet Sixteen five times and a Final Four appearance in 2010.