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MUSKET MAILBAG: CJ Donaldson, Pitt Rematch and More

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 01 West Virginia at Pitt Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If WVU navigated their way to a possible rematch with Pitt in a bowl game, would you want another shot or a new opponent?

I’d 100% take a rematch with Pitt in a bowl game for a couple of reasons. 1 - I think Pitt is going to be good and if they don’t end up in the CFP or New Years Six, they still will likely be in a good bowl which would mean West Virginia would be in a good bowl. Secondly, there is no way I want West Virginia to have to wait a year to beat the snot out of the Panthers. I think if we meet again, it would be another close, hard-fought game, but hopefully 12 games later we would be better prepared. I’d take a rematch in a heartbeat.

Why is Donaldson listed as a tighten and why was in to block a punt?

He’s listed as a tight-end because that is the position he was recruited to be. The staff moved him to running back in the middle of fall camp but they said throughout camp that they expected to use him in a variety of roles, more of a H-back role rather than a traditional tight end or running back. You saw in the Backyard Brawl that Donaldson has the speed and power to play running back, but he also has great hands and they’d like to get him out on a linebacker and use that mismatch as well.

AS far as the blocked punt, you put your athletes on special teams and hope they can turn the tide and that is exactly what he did. He read the punt, shot across, got his hands out and made a play. Big time players make big time plays in big time games.

More fun special teams play? The BFW neck tackle or the CJ Donaldson blocked punt?

Blocked punt every day and twice on Saturday. The blocked punt should have been a special teams touchdown and it resulted in a quick turnaround on the scoreboard. Wheaton’s tackle was nice but I kept waiting for the referees to call a horsecollar. Give me the blocked punt every day.

We lost the Backyard Brawl. HCNB refused to go for a 4th & inches in the 4th Quarter. We were up by 7. HCNB says he’ll do it again. Really ?!?! Why ?!?!? WTAF ?!?! Why does he still have his job?

Probably because firing him after one game is a really bad look and would cost a boat load.

Which underclassmen, if anyone, do you think will emerge at WR and CB to supplement BFW and Woods?

Prather is the obvious choice and I expect he will get better. Reese Smith is the other. He almost made a game-changing play in the Brawl and at a sophomore, he qualifies as an underclassman. I expect those two to see more targets as the year goes on.

Why do you love the banana suits? (Triple Gold uniforms)

Yes, why do I love the all gold uniforms? I will tell you why, because I freaking do! To me, its a great visual, seeing a player donned in the all golds, and on a gold rush Saturday, I just love the look. I don’t particularly like our blue tops with the current gold pants, the pants look like ballerina tights for some reason. But when you pair it with gold lids and gold jerseys, it is just a great, great look. Plus, the Mountaineers are undefeated in the Triple Gs!

During the Kansas game, which I believe could very well be a blow out(wvu up by 20+ at the half), whom do you see stepping in as backup qb(so we don’trisk JTs health, which i defintely would Not), and do you foresee possible trick plays(or, not so trick) with Garrett lining up as a receiver/ back?

A few questions here. I still think the first backup to JT Daniels is Garrett Greene. It seems like the short-term answer is to redshirt Nicco Marchiol and let Daniels or Crowder battle it out for the backup spot. That said, I do find it interesting that the depth chart lists Daniels as #1 and the backups as Crowder OR Marchiol OR Greene, in that order. Does that mean Greene is fourth?

As far as a trick-play, I think they have packages for Greene. I’m not sure they would utilitze them unless the team is up big or in need of a shot in the arm. Daniels is clearly the best player on the offense and you don’t take the ball out of his hands unless its absolutely necessary.