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Neal Brown Takes To Twitter

Neal spoke to fans through a video on Twitter

Mountaineer Nation,

We start Kansas [Jayhawks] prep today, but it’s been two long days. Watching. Reflecting the game from last Thursday night. And it hurts. It still hurts. It hurts because our investment level was so high from our players and our staff, but it also hurts because we are well aware what this game means to our fanbase. To all the Mountaineers who were there on Thursday night, Thank You. You helped create one of the best college football atmospheres I’ve ever been apart of. I’ll never forget in-between the third and fourth quarter, when the fans wearing the Old Gold and Blue were the loudest. The game didn’t end the way we wanted to. No excuses. We didn’t get it done, but I’m proud of our staff and proud of our players. We played the game the right way. We played tough. We played physical. We were resilient the entire game, all the way up to the last play, that was ruled a catch on the field.

Mountaineer fans, I just urge you. Don’t give up on this team. Continue to support them. They have the spirit of West Virginia. They’re fighters and we will respond. I hope to see everyone here on Saturday. Big 12 opener, Gold Rush game. First night game in four years. Help get behind this team and create a great environment on Saturday night. Hope to see you.

This announcement comes on the heel of the Pitt Football team posting a video of head coach Pat Narduzzi mic’ed up during the Backyard Brawl. Narduzzi spoke with Brown during part of the pregame ceremony every coach goes through and Brown can be heard saying “Lots of buildup for one game”.