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Musket Mailbag: Ask Away About 2-2 West Virginia

The Musket Mailbag

Ask your questions here in the comments, on the facebook post, on Twitter (@NiteStare or @SmokingMusket) and we’ll answer.

West Virginia currently sits at 2-2 and has won two straight games after losing in heartbreaking fashion on back-to-back pick-sixes by Pitt and Kansas. Pitt and Kansas are a combined 7-1 right now with the only loss being to a soon to be Top 10 Tennessee Volunteers team, a team that just went beat the Florida Gators. How are you feeling about the losses? How are you feeling about the wins? Do you have concerns about a defense that finally generated a big-play with its game sealing interception pick-six against Virginia Tech? What about the eruption of Bryce Ford-Wheaton into a superstar wide receiver or the emergence of young playmaker Kaden Prather, who led the team in receptions and receiving yards against the Virginia Tech Hokies. Ask your questions and we’ll find the answers as we look forward to a night game against the Texas Longhorns on Saturday.