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COACH SPEAK: Neal Brown Seeks To Block Outside Noise

Coach Brown speaks to the media ahead of Towson

Not much to say, he can’t say that the noise is affecting him. All the team can do is try to block out the noise, but they are hearing the noise. There is no way they aren’t hearing the noise.

The Charles Woods injury is looking like its going to be several weeks before he is ready to go.

While Coach Brown’s presser really doesn’t say too much, defensive coordinator Jordan Lesley also met with the media and he let the cat out of the bag on the very first question.

If I sound frustrated, it is because I am. The idea that a team did something they hadn’t before, or something they hadn’t shown before, is football. Its the way football has been played for the past 90 years and it is the way football will be played for the next 90. For the past 37 games, we have heard, far too much and far too often, how the opponent did something they hadn’t shown on film before. Why is that the continued response? Why is that an excuse?

Martin deserves more of a role on this defense. He has been very good the past two games. Against the Kansas Jayhawks, Martin finished with 4 tackles and 2 tackles for loss. As a team, WVU had three TFLs.