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Coach Speak Week Two: Brown Names Players Who Impress

Head coach Neal Brown spoke to the media yesterday

At the end of the first week of practice, West Virginia Mountaineers head coach Neal Brown spoke to the media addressing a wide-range of topics, but specifically named players who had impressed him during this first week.

  • Guys aren’t freshman know what to do in terms of assignments and alignment. Fundamentals are above where they normally are.
  • We’re still trying to figure out who can do what and we will through the first scrimmage.
  • Asani Redwood has put on 90 pounds (!) since he joined the team.
  • Jaylen Shelton has impressed through 5 practices.
  • Remember the name CJ Donaldson, a versatile player who can play multiple positions.
  • Colton McGee has impressed.

He addressed the quarterbacks, noting that Nicco Marchiol threw the ball well and the game appears to be slowing down for him. Goose Crowder “has been solid”. Garret Greene finished practice with a great two-minute drive. Brown noted that JT Daniels has taken Nicco under his wing and is helping him in the meeting rooms.

Brown bristled at the notion of players who can not practice well but play well. This is a recurring theme for him, as practice is very important to him. He did not that there are players who can practice well and not play well, but he did not agree that players can practice poorly and play well. I would tend to agree though I think players can play better than they practice.