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Coach Speak Week One: Brown, Lesley, Harrell Address the Media

The 2022 football season has begun and we have press conferences

The West Virginia Mountaineers have begun their fall practices and we are beginning to get coaches addressing the media. On Monday, the first day of practice, head coach Neal Brown took the stand and addressed the media on a variety of topics.

Yesterday, defensive coordinator Jordan Lesley and offensive coordinator Graham Harrell addressed the media. Lesley raved about middle linebacker Lee Kpogba, (pronounced KO-BA), talking about how the mike linebacker is the quarterback of the defense. Kpogba has consistently been a focal point of articles and discussions this offseason. Taking over for Josh Chandler-Semedo is a big task but Lee has shown the ability to track a runner from sideline to sideline while also dropping into coverage to cover a tight end or running back.

The coach that everyone wants to speak to, offensive coordinator Graham Harrell spoke about the position that is on everyone’s mind: the quarterback. As is to be expected so early in camp, no one can make a decision on quarterbacks, especially when they don’t even have shoulder pads on. Harrell talked about how he wants to judge the competition, looking for separation. Two guys show they have separated themselves from the pack, so you then narrow the competition down to those two guys and see who separates from that competition.