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Coach Speak Week 3: No News on Quarterbacks, No Starter Named

Expected to name JT Daniels the starter week one, Brown pivots and won’t name starter yet.

On Nicco: “I really like his progression from the spring to fall camp. A lot of true freshman [quarterbacks] don’t get a lot of game-like reps with the first team defense and he’s got a bunch. He got a bunch during spring and he’s got a bunch during fall camp and his progression, it’s been good to see. Knowledge of what we’re trying to do offensively, knowledge of what the defense is trying to do. The game is slowing down for him. He had a nice scrimmage on Thursday. “

On Garrett Greene: “We played him live in our first scrimmage, not our second, just too close to the game, but he’s matured. He has to continue to work on his decision making, but from an arm talent standpoint, from throws he can make, he’s really flashed. And he’s gotten faster. On our GPS, that Mike [Joseph - strength coach] keeps track of, he’s ran some of the fastest times during fall camp. “

On JT Daniels: “JT’s experienced, he’s very mature. We’ve talked about his intelligence. I think his timing has improved as we’ve gone....He’s only had these 14 or 15 practices to get his timing down and you can see that improving. “

On Goose Crowder: “Goose has been really steady. He’s consistent. Knows what to do, throws a very catchable ball.”

“I think all of them have some ups, and we’ve thrown some balls to the defense. The longer you go in fall camp, the harder it is on offense. Defenses see what you are. I’m pleased with them. I feel very confident in our present situation, I feel confident about the future of those guys too”.

Reading between the lines, it seems telling that they specifically chose not to play Greene in the second scrimmage and noted “its too close to the game”, which tells me that they are planning to use him in games. Most people have the expectation that Nicco Marchiol will redshirt, playing in four games, unless JT Daniels is hurt for an extended period of time. I’m not sure that it would make sense to burn Nicco’s redshirt this year, regardless of injury status, but Marchiol may be the best long term quarterback in a short term situation. What I mean is that if you need someone to finish the game, Goose or Greene are capable but if you need 8 games, you may trust Nicco more than you trust either of those two.

10 days from now, the Mountaineers take on Pittsburgh in the Backyard Brawl. Expect an announcement soon.