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Noel Devine’s son was offered by West Virginia so let’s all watch Noel’s high school tape again

Yes, you’re officially old now.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma v West Virginia Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

That sound you hear is hundreds of established members of college football twitter screaming in anguish as they confront the reality that, yes, they’re old and are going to die soon. West Virginia has offered Andre Devine, son of West Virginia Hall of Famer and all time highlight tape king, Noel Devine.

Back before YouTube was YouTube, a site where you can watch literally anything, it was the home of 240p Anime Music Videos and high school highlight tape, the most famous of which, by far, belonged to Noel Devine.

Let’s just take a look:

This was, to my recollection, the first truly viral high school football film highlight reel and to this day is remembered in legend in the annals of history. Devine remains the highest rated recruit in WVU football history and didn’t disappoint, putting together a Hall of Fame career in Morgantown despite nagging injuries and playing in a less than ideal (let’s go with that) offense under Jeff Mullen during his final three seasons.

Let’s play some more hits:

This one is great because of the beautifully audible ESP chant on the TV feed right before the snap.

What is really notable about Noel’s career is the sheer amount of times he completely bailed out Jeff Mullen by doing something like this.

Fun Fact, this is the last time that West Virginia played Oklahoma in football. True story!


Fun Fact: This run represents the 30th unanswered point that Jeff Mullen’s miserable offense scored against against a sitting United States Senator. If you are a reader in Alabama, please call Senator Tuberville and remind him.

Listen, it’s not fair to put Noel Devine level pressure and expectations on Andre, if he even suits up at West Virginia. But legacy recruits rock, and this particular legacy recruit is special to a whole lot of people in my age block.

Yes, you’re old. But enjoy the ride.