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The Smoking Musket + TBT 2022: Bracket Challenge

Compete against the Musket staff for your chance to win some cool prizes.

West Virginia v Connecticut Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Basketball Tournament is back—and while you’ll have to wait another two weeks to see Best Virginia’s best team yet tip off against Charleston, you can get in on the action in The Smoking Musket’s 2022 TBT Bracket Challenge before the event kicks off this coming weekend with regional action in Omaha, Cincinnati, New Mexico, and New York City’s famed Rucker Park—the first outdoor regional in TBT history.

The fine folks at the TBT have graciously offered up a $100 Puma gift card to the winner of our bracket challenge, so get your entries in before the action tips off on July 16th.

You can enter our challenge HERE.

For more information of this year’s Best Virginia squad, headlined by Kevin Jones, John Flowers, Jaysean Paige, and Devin Ebanks in his Best Virginia debut, check out this link.

TBT is always a highlight of the normally boring dog days of the sports calendar, so stay tuned as the Musket breaks down the action, both here and on Twitter.