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WVU Steals Home Twice in Ninth, Beats TCU 3-2

West Virginia steals home twice to win the game!

The West Virginia Mountaineers opened up their Big 12 Conference slate by doing what they have been doing all year, stealing bases. With the game on the line, down 2-1 in the ninth inning, the Mountaineers stole home, knocking the ball out of the catcher’s glove allowing the winning run to come home and give the Mountaineers a 3-2 lead that they used to take their first Big 12 win of the season.

The game would not start out well for Mazey’s club, as it recorded two outs but then gave up a double and a single and another double before a great relay from Victor Scott to Mikey Kluska to Dayne Leonard nailed the runner at the plate for the third out of the inning. That run-saving relay proved to be worthwhile later in the game.

The game would remain 1-0 until the sixth inning when, stop me if you heard this before, Mazeyball happened. Austin Davis singled. Austin Davis stole second. Austin Davis stole third. Victor Scott walked. Victor Scott stole second, rattling the pitcher who threw a wild pitch and allowed Austin Davis to score. Victor Scott stole third.

A passed ball in the bottom of the 7th inning would give TCU the lead back as the Mountaineers struggled against the Horned Frogs pitching duo of Riley Cornelio and Luke Savage, who combined with 8 Innings with 10 strikeouts while allowing only 3 hits.

In the ninth inning, facing TCU closer River Ridings, who has 7 saves on the young season, the Mountaineers used their speed to generate runs once again. Ben Abernathy singled and took third on a Braden Barry single. Dayne Leonard struck out, putting the Mountaineers down to their final out when Barry stole second. Ben Abernathy stole home while Barry took third. As Abernathy scored, he knocked the ball away from the catcher allowing Barry to score the winning run.

After Trey Braithwaite walked the first batter he faced in the ninth inning, Noah Short came in before walking the first player he faced. He got the next two batters to strike out before losing the next hitter on a 3-2 count and walking the bases loaded. Flirting with disaster once again, TCU worked a 3-2 count but a called third strike on a outer half fastball froze the hitter, ending the game and giving the Mountaineers a 3-2 win.