Mountaineer Night Before Christmas.

Not going to lie, a little drunk tonight. Watched Christmas Vacation and thought I'd give it a try. You can take it over the coals, do not care. If I did not mention ya, sorry. You're there in spirit. Also, it may not flow properly, it did in my drunk mind, so pound sand lol.

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Morgantown,

Not a creature was stirring, not even Neal Brown.

The players jerseys, cleats, and gloves were all hung with care;

With hopes of the boosters opening wallets and paying their "fair share."

All the players were snuggled in their beds, with grand visions of NIL all through their heads.

Coach Brown with his absurd deal, and the other Coaches with theirs;

The fans had just settled down from all of their jeers.

When out near Woodburn there arose such a clatter;

We sprang from our recliners to see if it was "The Mad Hatter."

Away to window Willie and Nite flew like a flash;

The two tore open stadium and the locker room like a flash.

The moon, on the breast of the new fallen snow;

Gave a lustre of NIL gold to contracts below.

When, what to all the fans' wondering eyes did appear;

But the NCAA, changing the Transfer Portal calming all the fans' fear.

Changing the rules, a little here and there so quick;

We all knew in a second it just would not stick.

More rapid than Dabo running from his DC;

They whistled and shouted and called them by name;

Now, Sarkisian! Now, Gundy! Now, Venables, Campbell and Aranda.

On, Klieman! On, Leipold! On, McGuire, Brown and Dykes!

To the top of the polls! To the top of the game!

All the players, all the coaches and ADs are chasing fortune and fame!

As Garrett Greene throws footballs and footballs they fly,

When the slot catches the pass, he's played by the Spy;

So up to the goal line WVU flew,

Now without Harrell as he is at Purdue.

And then, in a blitz, I heard from Caridi;

KansasWV was optimistic and having fun in Sin City.

As Charleston drew in his head, and wkhouser was finally realistic;

cowboy smoked a bowl and became slightly nihilistic.

The writers of Smoking Musket all wore their jerseys with pride,

Their posts were full of idealism but took the hits in stride.

Chitown and J.Wil brought gifs full of fun and cheer,

Then VA brought in his normal pessimism and jeer.

But Mike Miller's eyes, oh did they twinkle;

His Sound Offs were full of comments, not just a sprinkle.

Oh the posts of m-townjoe were many, but seldom of substance,

The same with Oldfemalegrad, such a troll and lacking in importance.

llester said what he said and spoke his piece,

The NIL had run us fans over and had us a fleeced.

The nonsense that followed the ruling left us all slightly stunned,

We knew in our hearts of hearts, we'd all be left outgunned.

It is what it is, yes I said it finally;

We are the farm league to the blue bloods sadly and decidedly.

VA spoke not a word, but went straight sleep;

After drinking all day got himself in trouble so deep.

He explained to all his fellow commenters his realism and was being candid,

We're all homers, yes we've been branded.

One last thing he said, he did say it so happy and so bright.....

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!