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SOUND OFF: Garrett Greene Leads West Virginia, Beats Oklahoma 23-20

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Two years of fan frustration finally boiled over today when the West Virginia Mountaineers head coach insert Garrett Greene into the game and Greene did what he does. Greene led the Mountaineers to their first win over the Oklahoma Sooners as a member of the Big 12 by throwing for 138 yards and a touchdown and running for 119 yards and two touchdowns. Greene’s energy infected the entire team, who showed life for the first time in a long time as they played with fire.

The Mountaineers were down at halftime, after Garrett Greene led his first scoring drive of the game. A five yard run made the game 10-6 and what should have been an automatic extra point, slipped through the holders hand and was returned by the Oklahoma Sooners to make what should have been a 10-7 game a weird 12-6 score at half. Greene was inserted in the second half and played the entire half. He threw a touchdown pass to Bryce Ford Wheaton to make it 13-12 West Virginia, rushed for another score to make it 20-20 and on a critical 3rd and 6, ran for a first down that allowed the Mountaineers to drain the clock and kick a field goal to win the game.