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Reviewing West Virginia [Statistically] At The Midpoint

Checking out the Mountaineers at the halfway point

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 13 Baylor at West Virginia Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

West Virginia Offense

Points Per Game: 20th (39.0)

Touchdowns (Total): 40th (29)

Field Goals (Total): 15th (10)

Rushing Yards Per Game: 35th (191.3)

Rushing Attempts: 80th (229)

Rushing Attempts Per Game: 45th (38.17)

Rushing TDs: 23rd (16)

Passing Yards Per Game: 41st (271.0)

Yards Per Attempt: 93rd (6.9)

Passing Touchdowns:

Total Yards Per Game: 28th (464.3)

Total Plays: 58th (463)

First Downs Per Game: 5th (27)

Punts: 122nd (16 all year) [ranked from highest to lowest, so WVU has very few punts]

Penalties: 50th (39) [ranked from lowest to highest]

Penalties Per Game: 75th (6.5)

Penalty Yards Per Game: 65th (55.7)


Touchdowns Allowed: 89th (25)

Field Goals Allowed: 16th (5)

Points Allowed: 83rd (188)

Points Allowed Per Game: 103rd (31.3)

Rush Yards Allowed: 19th (672)

Yards Allowed Per Carry: 37th (3.52)

Rush TDs Allowed: 66th (10)

Rush Yards Per Game Allowed: 26th (112.0)

Passing Completions Allowed: 21st (103)

Completion Percentage Allowed: 39th (58.5)

Passing Yards Allowed: 78th (1575)

Passing Yards Per Attempt: 122nd (8.9)

Passing TDs Allowed: 84th (12)

Interceptions: 113th (2) [ranked highest to lowest]

QB Rating Against: 116th (153.92)

Passing Yards Per Game Allowed: 101st (262.5)

Total Yards Allowed: 42nd (2247)

Yards Per Play Allowed: 109th (6.12) [ranked lowest to highest]

Yards Per Game Allowed: 62nd (374.5)