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SOUND OFF: West Virginia Loses to Texas 38-20

West Virginia spotted the Longhorns a 28-7 lead at halftime and lost 38-20.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Texas Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

What looked to be a game to cement the rise of the climb has, so far, been a game of nightmares for the Mountaineers. West Virginia and Texas traded punts in the first possession before West Virginia’s old habits reared their heads and gave the Mountaineers fits. First Bryce Ford-Wheaton dropped a fourth down pass that would have extended a drive. Then the secondary allowed the ghost of Pat Miller to completely overtake them and allowed Texas to pass and pass and pass and pass.

The Texas Longhorns scored touchdowns on four of their five first half drives, with each drive only lasting 7 plays, 6 plays, 6 plays and 6 plays. Hudson Card is 13 for 17 for 223 yards, 2 touchdowns. Wide receiver Xavier Worthy also threw a 33 yard pass. Bijan Robinson has been quiet with 10 carries for 30 yards, but he has a touchdown.

Sam James leads all receivers with 5 catches for 71 yards at half while Kaden Prather has the Mountaineers only score.

The second half of the game was slightly better and much, much, much worse for the Mountaineers. The good news is that the Mountaineers outscored the Longhorns 13-10 in the second half. The bad new is that CJ Donaldson was knocked unconscious and stripped of all of his pads and exited the field on a stretcher. The game became non-consequential at that point.

First and foremost we are praying for CJ to be ok. The young man is only 18 years old, playing college football for the first time as a true freshman and in his fifth game is seriously hurt. Nothing else matters at this point.

As for the game, the Mountaineers secondary continues to be as bad or maybe even much worse than their 2012 team. Longhorn players were wide open all day and this game was over early into the second quarter. The Mountaineers are now 2-3 on the season, back below .500 (again), Neal Brown is 19-21 in his career at WVU, and West Virginia still has not won three games in a row or been ranked in Brown’s tenure.

The next game will be a Thursday night affair with Baylor on October 13.