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Three Things I Want From LIU

Here are three things I want to see this Saturday

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 04 West Virginia at Maryland Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Garret Greene Packages With The Ones

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I want to see our backup quarterback get into the game and see what he can do. Is he really shaky and we can at least have an answer as to why he’s never seen the field? Can he run the zone-option and perhaps get us extra yardage? I want to see if Greene is capable, as much as you can determine against LIU, with the starters. Not the backups. I want to see Garret Greene in the first quarter. If you need to rotate Doege and Greene every two series then do that. The idea is simple and you won’t have another game where you can do this without too much fear. It is time to see what Greene can do for WVU.

Chunk Plays

Jarret Doege has only three games in his WVU career where he has thrown a pass over 40 yards. For his career, Will Grier averaged a 55 yard pass play. I need to see us take the field out in chunks. I want to see us start on our own 20, and within 3 plays, be at the LIU 30 with a chance to score. I want to see us cut the field down in halves, not bits and pieces. I do not want to see slant, slant, tunnel screen, curl, drag. I want to see post, streak, fade, wheel routes that get us 20-30 yards a throw and I want to see Doege go deep. Can we throw it deep?

Country Roads

I started to write that I wanted to see substitutions but I think we’ll see those no matter what and we’ll play 80+ players this game. We better. So there isn’t a need for me to write I want more players to play. What I really want is 60,000 people singing the best damn song after a Mountaineer win. That was stolen from us last year and we haven’t had a chance to sing and hug and be jubiliant since November 29, 2019. We’re almost two years since we’ve been together. I want to sing together. Drink beer together. Cheer together. Yell for first downs together.