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What I Think About WVU Football For 2021

Its a new year and is the team ready for the spotlight to take the next step in their journey?

AutoZone Liberty Bowl - West Virginia v Tennessee Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

I’m Excited

Let’s be honest for a second. Neal Brown has stepped into a very difficult situation here. First he comes in late in 2019 to take over for Dana Holgorsen. He has to try and keep the recruiting class together and then put a staff together and get ready for the offseason. That is always a tough ordeal. Then the pandemic of 2020 hit and the offseason, the planning, the entire setup for turned on its head. For the most part, 2021 has been pretty normal. We got back to official visits on campus and we are looking at a team that is experiencing camp for the first time in a while. All of that is exciting. Add in the fact that we have two regional rivals in the first three week (Maryland and Virginia Tech), there is a chance for this team to get big wins early and start the year out right. I’m excited to see what this team can do. I’m excited for Leddie Brown. I’m excited for the defense. I’m excited for WVU Football.

I’m Also Not Thrilled

It’s easy to be a homer. I can come on here, write glowing things when they win, dismiss anything with they lose and blame the refs or the wind or the rain or the fact that the clock was at 2:09 when it should have been 2:05 and make excuses and be a homer. I hope by now y’all realize that’s not me. When I’m happy, I say it. When I’m pissed, I say it. When I’m completely indifferent, I say.

I’m not super thrilled with our offense and yes it all revolves around Doege. It is really, really tough to go from Geno Smith, Clint Trickett, Skyler Howard, and Will Grier to Austin Kendall and Jarret Doege. Neither has proven to be a season long difference maker and after four seasons, it doesn’t seem like Doege is going to turn into any of the aforementioned quarterbacks. I know Doege is one of the most accurate quarterbacks when given a clean pocket, but is that the only caveat? Are we going to make excuses for everyone but him? I need a quarterback who can stand in a collapsing pocket and deliver a dime 30 yards downfield when needed. I don’t see that with Jarret. Prove me wrong please. I got a new smoker and will willingly eat crow.

I’m Nervous

Everyone seems excited about the defense because it finished so well last season. There seems to be an expectation that the defense will once again be a top-5 unit. I have to wonder if that is the case. You lost one defensive lineman to the draft. You lost two cornerbacks in Tykee Smith and Dreshaun Miller. You also lost defensive tackle Jeffrey Pooler. The defense has seen a decent amount of turnover. Are we convinced that the new talent is able to replicate the old talent to the tune of a top-5 unit? I’m not sure. I think we’ll be good, but will a return to the average keep us from winning a game(s)?

Ultimately I’m Ready

I’m ready for some football. I think this team can get off to a 3-0 start. Man a 3-0 start would do a lot of soothing. Beating Maryland is always nice. Beating Virginia Tech is sweeter. I NEED THAT BLACK DIAMOND TROPHY. Oklahoma is most likely a loss. Then the next three games (Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU) are all winnable. 6-1 would be fantastic. Even if you go 2-2 down the stretch that would be 8 wins and would be the step towards a fantastic 2022. Win a bowl game and a 9 win season? SIGN ME UP.

Enjoy Some Highlights