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RECRUITING ALERT: Indiana OL Commits to West Virginia

Top 25 Recruiting Class and West Virginia Mountaineers do not go hand in hand. The Mountaineers have been kinda close a few times but they haven’t pulled off a bona fide Top 25 class (2009 had Geno Smith and Eugene Smith...hmm). Well, now the world may have to rethink West Virginia because the Mountaineers are looking at getting their first ever legit Top 25 class and the newest commit could help that cause.

Landen Livingston, a nasty offensive lineman from Indiana, is the most recent commit for the Mountaineers, joining the staff despite offers from several well renowned Power 5 offers including Iowa Hawkyes, Purdue Boilermakers, Indiana Hoosiers, Arizona State, Illinois, Michigan State Spartans and the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Livingston, a 6’-4” 280 pound behemoth is ranked as the number 25 interior offensive lineman in the country and the 12th best prospect in Indiana. Watching his tape, you see an offensive lineman who loves contact and really loves taking defender so far out of the play and driving them to the ground.

Welcome to Morgantown Landen!