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First Half Thoughts Against Oklahoma State

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 06 Oklahoma State at West Virginia Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
  • Mountaineers drive starts out well. Neal Brown goes for it on fourth down and it pays off. Doege did a great job of holding his view before swinging back to Leddie Brown. Greene comes in and gets a big run to put them in field goal range.
  • Casey Legg is good. So good.
  • First Cowboys drive results in a three and out. Looks like the Mountaineers are ready for Jaylen Warren today. They are going to make Spencer Sanders throw the ball to beat them.
  • I really like the white helmets.
  • Second drive for the Mountaineers goes nowhere. Doege is sacked which puts them behind the chains and on third down Doege sails a pass for Ryan. Doege still gets rattled when he gets hit.
  • Oklahoma State nearly blocked that punt and will start on their 32 yard line.
  • Dante Stills remains good at the football. He sacks Spencer Sanders then intercepts a screen pass. Pure effort plays there by Stills.
  • Greene tries to get the edge and gets the ball knocked loose before Tony Mathis comes out of nowhere to fall on the loose ball. Mathis saved a Cowboys scoop and score there and the Mountaineers eat the loss and punt. At the end of the first quarter its 3-0 Mountaineers.
  • Oklahoma State does nothing with the ball and punts it away. The Mountaineers are struggling against this Oklahoma front and continue to get stuck behind the sticks. Oklahoma State has not given up a first down on a third down in 18 straight chances. Impressive.
  • The Mountaineers offense does not look nearly as impressive as it has the past two weeks and so far they aren’t able to find consistent momentum.
  • Oklahoma State finally breaks through and scores on a beautiful pass and catch.
  • Both defenses are playing really hard and physical.
  • Oklahoma State seems to have found some rhythm here and pushes the ball back into West Virginia territory. The Mountaineer defense keeps the Cowboys out of the endzone but Oklahoma State kicks a field goal to make it 10-3 with 70 seconds remaining in the half.
  • At half the Mountaineers have less than 100 yards of offense. The Cowboys have 173.