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Neal Brown Press Conference

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Special Teams POTW - In his first game as a Mountaineer, Alonzo Addae

Lineman of the Week - Graded out at 87%, Mike Brown. He will be back, will practice today at full speed.

Defensive POTW - Tony Fields, another first game as a Mountaineer

Offensive POTW - Three touchdowns, 127 rushing yards, 15 yards receiving. 0 negative yardage plays. Leddie Brown.

Blue Collar Award - meant to be a tip of the hat to the people of West Virginia. Played 31 snaps on offense, punt return and field goal units, Jackson Knipper.

Scout Team - Trent Jackson and Lanell Carr and Quamaezius Mosby.

Juice Squad Award - Evan Mathis

Must continue to improve before Big 12 play.

Played 24 fresh/RSFR anyone didnt play?

The young guys that played. Mesidor got a sack. Porter got in the third series. Sam Brown was productive and started. Jordan White played every snap but two in the second half. We think he’ll be a good player down the road. Tony Mathis got a bunch of carries in the second half.

Young guys and assignments

I thought Zach Frasier did well. I was impressed with how he played and prepared during the week. I thought Yates did well. He didn’t get here til fall camp last year and hasn’t gone through a summer camp. He has to be more consistent but too many negative plays. He will continue to play and get better as we move along. We have to continue to improve and get better. Our offensive line played better. That was what they were supposed to do.

OLine Physicality

At times it was good and at times it needs to be better.

A’varius Sparrow and Tony Fields

Sparrow didn’t play but was dressed. We want to get a look at our third running back. These next two weeks are big for Tony. Its to get him conditioned and ready to play. He didn’t have a lot of missed assignments. EKU was different than what they showed against Marshall.

Vandarius Cowan

Its good that he’s playing. He has to continue tos tay out there and stay playing. I think he’s mentally and physically in as good as spot as Ive known him. Has to be more consistent. Penalty was unfortunate. 3rd and 10 and gets a late hit and they got a first downa nd scored points. He has to be better. Thought he was active.

Alec Sinkfield

Leddie is the starter at this point, he’s earned that right. Sink is one who’s had a great camp. He is a different player than he was over the past 6 six. More decisive in the run game. He took coaching at the end of the year last year. He was hungry to play more. Chad Scott gave him things to work on and he worked on those things. Better in space and better at finishing runs.

Leddie Brown and O-Line

Chemistry is a positive no matter what. It works together. The Oline and running backs spend a lot of time together. I think Leddie has respect for those individuals. Theres several of those guys have been here the same amount of time as he has. AS he has gone through the growth process they have as well. I think that relationship will continue to grow.

Evaluating Young Players

How we evalutated our guys this game will be the same as we evaluate against Oklahoma State. Did they do their assignments, did they give maximum effort.

The most productive people at positions plays but those are how we evaluate.


We had a recruiting meeting last week and will have one this week. We’ve gotten to evaluate more film than a normal fall. I really miss the live evaluations. I guess the good thing is everyone is on an even playing field. its difficult. We are recruiting this week not only 2021 but 2022. we are behind some of the people we compete against.


We have not gotten anything on any waivers

Sam Brown

I thought he deserved the opportunity. He had been productive in camp. I wanted to make a point. He played better than I thought he would. He was up and down. all preparation does is give you an opportunity. He was up and down during the week but had shown some flashes. He was unsure how he was going to play. He went out and made two difficult catches in his first two series.

Sam James missed some practice time had a little bit of an injury. Thought the people who practiced [deserved to play].


I thought Jarret threw the ball well. There were two throws if he throws the ball where hes supposed to hes over 300 yards and up for the weekly awards. I was excited about how he prepared. He’ll only get better.

Tackling and Sean Martin

Sean is a guy we’re really excited about. We have two guys who are true freshman that are walk-ons, they are the only positive COVID cases. Sean missed the game due to contact tracing.