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STAFF PICKS: West Virginia vs. Eastern Kentucky

We couldn’t round out our pre-game content without giving you our staff predictions.

Wales Daily Life 2019 Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

Every week, the Smoking Musket staff will test out our sure to be less-than-stellar gambling skills, as we make picks in four categories: straight-up, against the spread, over/under, and a special prop bet to be determined each week. We will each start with $500 in Musket Money™, and each bet will be worth $100.

In addition to the degenerate gambling, we’ll be giving our straight up, detailed predictions as to how we think the week’s game will go. So, without further ado...


To be clear, I still don’t think they should be playing this game, that said! EKU was demolished in Huntington last week by a so-so Marshall squad. WVU shouldn’t have any trouble scoring at will.

West Virginia 52 - Eastern Kentucky 0


EKU is bad, WVU should be improved. WVU rolls.

West Virginia 55 - Eastern Kentucky 7


We will see how good a coach Neal Brown is in the first game of this coronavirus-delayed season. However, just because WVU doesn’t beat EKU worse than Marshall did doesn’t mean the team isn’t good.

The Mountaineers have yet to prove they have true explosive players but 2020 unveiled several receivers who want to get to the house. WVU wins, but does not cover in its first game of 2020.

West Virginia 38 - Eastern Kentucky 7

Matt Kirchner

I don’t want to deal with the mentions if we score less than Marshall, so I’m manifesting it into existence.

West Virginia 60 - Eastern Kentucky 0

John Radcliff

I can see us getting up big and the starters watching the second half. It shouldn’t be a test of anything but our ability to do what good teams do.

West Virginia 55 - Eastern Kentucky 17

Nick Shoemaker

I think West Virginia will get an easy win in this game. Eastern Kentucky might be one of the weakest teams in college football and WVU should have no problems in this one, especially on the defensive side. I also think the Neal Brown will keep the starters in longer than people expect to try to get them extra reps against an actual opponent before Big 12 play starts in a couple weeks.

West Virginia 48 - Eastern Kentucky 0


As silly as it is, Marshall throwing down a 59-0 gauntlet against these guys last weekend forces our hand a little bit - we have to come out sharp and looking to route them.

Fortunately I think we will. Everything I’ve absorbed about this team over the past few months makes it seem like they are singularly focused and playing for each other. I think we’ll start fast and put this one to bed early.

West Virginia 56 - Eastern Kentucky 10


Game one of the 2020 ‘Rona season is going to be the kickstart to making us believe Neal Brown is turning this ship around. Watching Marshall put a beating on EKU has to motivate these players and I believe they are up for the challenge. Doege will break 300 yards, Sam James will break 100 and Leddie Brown starts the season with a bang.

West Virginia 55 - Eastern Kentucky 14

Michael Miller

I watched Grant Wells and Marshall destroy the Colonels last Saturday, and I have no reason to think West Virginia can’t do the same thing today. Jarret Doege has an easy day, and is resting comfortably on the bench for most of the second half.

West Virginia rolls.

West Virginia 52 - Eastern Kentucky 3