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Pat McAfee impresses in his WWE in-ring debut on NXT Takeover XXX


Former West Virginia Mountaineer kicker, and all time point scorer, Pat McAfee absolutely impressed in his wrestling debut on the WWE NXT Takeover 30. The storyline for this match was set a month ago when Adam Cole interrupted Pat on his show and made a scene.

McAfee responded by showing up on WWE NXT and color commentating a match. Adam Cole got frustrated with Pat and the two tangled and exchanged words before Pat kicked Cole and knocked him out.

WWE superstar Triple H went on ESPN and challenged McAfee to a one-on-one match at the NXT pay-per-view Takeover 30. McAfee accepted and this past Wednesday stepped into the ring and delivered an absolute fire promo.

Tonight, the two tangled in a match inside the squared circle. McAfee appeared a natural in the ring, showcasing athleticism and bravado. He strutted and “wooed” like Ric Flair after big moves. Early in the match, McAfee escaped outside the ring, followed by Adam Cole. The two wrestlers army of friends got into a shoving match while McAfee went to the top rope and executed a Swanton Bomb.

Later on in the match, Pat put Cole on the top turnbuckle and attempted to execute a SuperPlex - a front suplex off the top rope - when Cole fought back. McAfee backflipped (!!) off the top rope, landed on his feet, ran and jumped back on the top turnbuckle from the ring and executed his SuperPlex.

Eventually, Adam Cole caught Pat as he tried a tomahawk chop off the top rope and eventually ended the match with his finisher. McAfee took the match seriously and showed good athleticism and wrestling prowess.