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Shane Lyons Expresses Concerns About Fall Football Season

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West Virginia’s athletic director is not as optimistic as he once was about the Mountaineers playing football this fall.

Iowa State v West Virginia

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Report: Lyons expresses concern for testing costs, need for rapid testing as fall season approaches

As most college football programs continue their preparations for the 2020 season, West Virginia athletic director Shane Lyons reportedly is not quite as confident looking ahead to the fall, but he is not giving up yet. Lyons says the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic at this point has not matched his previous hopes.

WVU football: On-field product might look different, Neal Brown says

When college football finally resumes and the teams return to the field, West Virginia football coach Neal Brown thinks it might look different than it has in the past, as a result of the necessary changes to keep players and staff safe from COVID-19.


Three Guys Before The Game – John Beilein’s Mountaineer Memories (Episode 215)

For the first time since his departure, former West Virginia men’s basketball coach John Beilein takes a deep dive into his days in Morgantown. He reveals his approach, philosophy, and provides detail into some of the most memorable games in school history.

Around the Big 12

Big 12 Football: Ranking the Toughest Non-Conference Schedules in 2020

All 10 Big 12 football teams have at least one Power 5 opponent one their schedules this season. A trip to play the defending national champions makes Texas’ non-conference schedule the toughest in the conference, but check out where West Virginia’s non-conference schedule lands in this ranking.

Around the NCAA

Ivy League rules out playing all sports this fall due to coronavirus pandemic

The Ivy League announced Wednesday that it has ruled out playing all sports this fall, becoming the first Division I conference to say it will not hold sports that semester due to the coronavirus pandemic. No decision has been made about winter or spring Ivy sports or whether fall sports could be played in the spring of 2021.

Concerned Power 5 leaders remain in wait-and-see mode about on-time start for college football

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to climb as testing increases throughout the country, the level of concern among college football’s decision-makers has risen, too. The Power 5 conference leaders are still waiting to make any major changes to the sport’s calendar, and they are targeting the end of July as the time to determine if the season can start on time.

Which NFL team do fans hate most aside from their actual rival?

The NFL is full of classic rivalries, but sometimes the hate fans feel for teams that are not their natural rival can be just as intense. Since it is Rivalry Week at SB Nation, here are the teams that NFL fans hate the most aside from their favorite team’s rival.

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