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The Unworn Uniform Combos West Virginia Football Needs to Wear Immediately

It may seem like the Mountaineers have played in seemingly every combination of uniform colors, but there are plenty they haven’t worn.

Dominion Post

Since 2013, West Virginia football has had at least three full-color sets of uniforms. In 2019, gray jerseys and pants were revealed, giving the Mountaineers 46 (by my very bad calculations) combinations to choose from.

I just ranked the uni combos based on win-loss record, but today, I want to “rank” the combos I want to see the Mountaineers wear. With the addition of the gray jerseys and pants, there are 24 permutations that WVU hasn’t donned on the field, so here are five that I’d like to see.

1. Blue-Gray-Blue

Dominion Post

When the gray uniforms were revealed ahead of the 2019 season, this was the combo I was second-most excited for. I love the idea of the dark blue hats and pants bordering the gray shirt, making the dark blue numbers really pop.

2. White-Gold-Gold

I’ve always thought the white helmet would accent the gold jerseys well. Pulling the blue Flying WV from the helmet to the numbers and trimming of the gold jerseys and pants brings it all together nicely. I’d love to see this for a Gold Rush game.

3. Gold-Gray-Gold

I love the combination of gray and gold together. I’m not sure how these colors would fit together exactly, as I think a darker shade of gray would better complement our bold gold, but I really want to see us trot this look out.

4. Gold-Blue-White

For all the “traditionalists” out there, here’s a throwback to the pre-Nehlen era of Mountaineer football. At a time, we had metallic gold helmets and white pants (with stripes up the side). Maybe let’s try to revamp this look with the modern uniforms?

5. White-Blue-Gold

Again with a mix of tradition, I think this look would be great with the old-school logo on the helmet instead of the Flying WV. Also, I love working in all three uniform colors into one combo. I’m actually surprised this one hasn’t been worn yet.

Here’s a complete list of combinations not work by WVU football since 2013. Which would you like to see?

  • Blue-Blue-Gray
  • Blue-Gold-White
  • Blue-Gray-Blue
  • Blue-Gray-Gold
  • Blue-Gray-White
  • Gold-Blue-Gray
  • Gold-Blue-White
  • Gold-Gold-Gray
  • Gold-Gold-White
  • Gold-Gray-Blue
  • Gold-Gray-Gold
  • Gold-Gray-Gray
  • Gold-Gray-White
  • Gold-White-Blue
  • Gold-White-Gray
  • White-Blue-Gold
  • White-Blue-Gray
  • White-Gold-Blue
  • White-Gold-Gold
  • White-Gold-Gray
  • White-Gray-Blue
  • White-Gray-Gold
  • White-Gray-Gray
  • White-Gray-White