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Ranking the West Virginia Football Uniform Combinations: A Statistical Examination

This will definitively prove which is the best look for the Mountaineers.

East Carolina v West Virginia Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

West Virginia football has deployed 22 uniform combinations since Nike gave the team three color options for helmets, jerseys and pants. That’s probably not as many as some other schools, but Mountaineer fans have been debating which combo is best since 2001 when we moved away from the standard look worn during the Nehlen regime.

Las week was “jersey week” on SB Nation, and I was inspired to take a calculated, numbers-based approach to which uniform combination is best for WVU. Below, you’ll find the competitive records of the Mountaineers wearing each combo, which will surely end any debate as to which is the “best.”

The 0-1s






These were only worn once and we lost in the combo, so it’s hard to truly judge them.

The 1-0s


Not really judging this based on one use, but it was a win.

Blue-White-Gold (“Traditional Roads”): 0-2

Unfortunately, the Mountaineers have failed to win in this classic look, most recently losing to Missouri this past season.

All White (“Stormtroopers): 3-7

The Stormtrooper look has the worst competitive record of any combo worn with regularity. It’s also the one worn most frequently. I’m never confident when we’re wearing these unis.

Blue-White-White: 2-3

The newer standard road look (we’ve had this look since the “new” jerseys came out in 2001) doesn’t have the best win percentage.

All Blue: 4-5

The second-most worn combo and maybe this is the new home standard? This look has been a mainstay since 2001. Good fortunes have been with WVU throughout this uniform set but with more disappointments.

Gold-Blue-Blue: 1-1

It hasn’t been worn much, and it’s only win was against Georgia Southern in 2015.

Gold-Blue-Gold: 2-2

The Mountaineers started strong in this combo, usually worn for “Stripe the Stadium” games, but has lost the last two games played in these.

Blue-White-Blue: 4-4

This is a strong look on the field and with some decent results to back it up but ultimately, just a .500 record. But hey, we beat Texas in Austin in 2018 wearing this combo.

Blue-Gold-Blue: 4-3

The most common “Stripe the Stadium” look for the Mountaineers. It’s also been worn for three non-conference games.

White-White-Blue: 3-2

Interesting fact: WVU wore this five times during Dana Holgorsen’s tenure, including his final game, the loss to Syracuse in the Camping World Bowl. WVU did not wear this in 2019.

Blue-Blue-Gold: 3-2

The Standard WVU uniform hasn’t seen the field much since 2013 and has mixed results.

White-Blue-White: 2-1

Personally, I think these make us look a little not like WVU, but we have a winning record in them.

Blue-Blue-White: 4-2

A strong look on the field as WVU has played five conference games in this look, including the 2014 upset of Baylor and the 2016 wins over TCU and Baylor.

White-Blue-Blue: 3-1

One of the most successful combinations, the white helmets have occasionally donned the “old school” WVU logo.

Gold-White-Gold (“Appalachian Tigers”): 5-1

WVU has played its best when wearing this combination. The team has won more games dressed as the Appalachian Tigers than any other combo and the only loss was in 2017 at TCU.

Gold-Gold-Blue: 1-0

Only worn in the 2016 win over Kansas State… the game Holgorsen finally broke the Wizard’s spell. Maybe WVU should wear these against OU?

White-Gold-White: 2-0

WVU has two non-conference wins in this combination.

All Gold: 3-0

Cut Trinidad James? First worn in the 2013 upset over Oklahoma State, this is the most shocking look the Mountaineers wear.

Blue-Gold-Gold: 3-0

This particular combo has been around for a long time, since Nike first gave WVU gold jerseys. Statistically, this is the best look we have. WVU came out with these in the first “Gold Rush” game in 2007. This iconic WVU look hasn’t been worn for big games recently, however. WVU has worn these for wins over Kansas (2014), Maryland (2015) and ECU (2017). Maybe the equipment staff and players should plan to bring out this look for tougher tests in the future.

Totally resolves any dispute over which WVU football look is best, right?