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Iowa State throttles West Virginia 42-6, Advances to Big 12 title game

Lack of preparation coming out of byes is now A THING

West Virginia v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

First Quarter

The receiver went out of bounds but this was egregious. I’m not sure what else can be said.

Iowa State 7 - West Virginia 0

After an absymal drive where WVU punted from their own endzone, Brock Purdy made it 14-0.

Second Quarter

Iowa State 14 - West Virginia 0

The Mountaineers responded with a great drive but then...

Doege would throw the ball after he was 4 yards beyond the line of scrimmage. This would lead to a Casey Legg field goal attempt that received the ESPN announcer special “Legg, who has only missed one attempt all year....and its wide right”

The Cyclones responded with another drive.

Yup, Iowa State scored three times on this drive. The first two were wiped away because of penalties, then on FIRST AND GOAL from the 26, Purdy hit a guy for 20 yards.

Iowa State 21 - West Virginia 0

A damning effort after Iowa State scored saw Doege sacked back to back plays and you could see the life come out of the team.



Iowa State did not punt at all in the first half. They punted on their first two possessions of the third quarter. Then they broke through.

Iowa State 28 - West Virginia 0

Adding insult to injury, Iowa State busted a long run up the gut to put the game away, if it wasn’t already away.

Iowa State 35 - West Virginia 0


West Virginia finally scores to end a five quarter scoring drought against the Cyclones.

Iowa State 35 - West Virginia 3

Iowa State responded.

Iowa State 42 - West Virginia 3

Player of the Game

Brock Purdy and Breese Hall. They good.


This was an absolute disaster of a game. The Mountaineers league best defense got S-H-R-E-D-D-E-D. Iowa State looked like a team peaking and the Mountaineers? The Mountaineers looked like a team that hadn’t played in a month and was no better than it was week one.

Leddie Brown again failed to break 100 yards in another Mountaineer loss. Stop Leddie and you stop the offense.

Doege had a rough day. Several of his passes should have been catches but pass interference wasn’t called. That’s true but you can’t wilt the way the Mountaineers did.