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The Smoking Musket Tailgate Menu: Salty and Sweet Homecoming Brunch

A taste of West Virginia for Homecoming.

Homecoming Week at West Virginia University is usually filled with fun activities for students, alumni events, and culminates with the celebratory football game. Unfortunately, COVID-19 annulled the annual festivities.

However, Mountaineer fans can still celebrate our alma mater through a menu highlighting one of our state’s greatest treasures: the country ham biscuit.

Before our Mountaineers kickoff against Kansas State (and, also during, since most of us are watching from home), let’s throw together a salty and sweet brunch tailgate.

Grilled Country Ham Biscuits

Move over, Tudor’s, we’re taking things up a notch. Personally, my favorite Tudor’s sandwich is country ham, egg, cheese and a hash brown patty. It makes me feel like I’m watching the Mountaineers play because it ruins my heart health. However, grilled country ham brings out some flavors that pan-frying doesn’t.

You can bake your biscuits on the grill or just cook them over the open flame. They won’t rise as much as in the oven, but it’s an efficient use of the grill while you’re also charring the country ham. The ham won’t take as long as the biscuits, just a couple minutes on each side to get the marks.

You can add eggs and cheese if you wish, or just serve the ham on the biscuit for a good-old Appalachian breakfast sandwich.

Berry Baked Oatmeal

Doubling as a sweet and filling brunch dish, this make-ahead oatmeal casserole will give your tailgate friends a bowlful of happiness. Add whatever berries you like best but, in my opinion, you can’t beat strawberries and oatmeal.

You can assemble this all the night before and bake it on the grill at the tailgate but I suggest baking before the party begins. It takes about 45 minutes to fully cook and this will make a great appetizer while you’re grilling up the country ham biscuits.

Spiked Hot Apple Cider

It’s about as Fall as we can get right now and this traditional favorite is always a crowd pleaser. Extra points if you make your own apple cider, but you can always buy the pre-made drink in a jug at Kroger and spike it on your own.