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STAFF PICKS: West Virginia vs. the Kansas Jayhawks

We couldn’t round out our pre-game content without giving you our staff predictions.

Millions Russia poker tournament in Sochi, Russia Photo by Artur Lebedev\TASS via Getty Images

Every week, the Smoking Musket staff will test out our sure to be less-than-stellar gambling skills, as we make picks in four categories: straight-up, against the spread, over/under, and a special prop bet to be determined each week. We will each start with $500 in Musket Money™, and each bet will be worth $100.

In addition to the degenerate gambling, we’ll be giving our straight up, detailed predictions as to how we think that week’s game will go. So, without further ado...

Nick Shoemaker

I think turnovers will keep this game lower scoring than last week’s games for these two teams. I think Kansas has definitely improved, but I don’t see them making enough progress at this point to beat West Virginia. I predict that Neal Brown’s clock management will help the WVU defense save enough energy to hold off the Jayhawks in this one.

West Virginia 24 - Kansas 14

Jordan Pinto

We turned a corner last weekend, and the dudes are now emerging. I think we keep the momentum going in Lawrence. If we can stop Pooka and Herbert, I don’t Stanley can throw it well enough to beat us.

West Virginia 34 - Kansas 20

Matt Kirchner

This game suddenly got a whole lot more interesting, didn’t it? I don’t see a dominating performance for West Virginia but I think they do just enough to keep the momentum up going into the bye week and Texas.

West Virginia 28 - Kansas 24


This is the weirdest game to predict because neither team has proven who they are yet. Both made great strides in week 3, but for me, KU looked at schemes changes and to improve while WVU relied on playing fundamentally better.

While both changes should help each team going forward, I think in this game, you have to look at the overall bodies of work to find the consistencies. Those fall to the Jayhawks.

KU has two running backs who can terrorize any team and WVU has yet to prove they can stop the run consistently. Herbert and Williams will combine for 200 yards as the Jayhawks take the game at home.

Kansas 27 - West Virginia 23

John Radcliff

I’m just so happy I was so wrong last week, I’m torn between being doom and gloom or just drinking the kool-aid. I expect it to be close and that both teams will regress after playing above their expectations last week. If it’s a battle of who makes the fewest mistakes, I take WVU.

West Virginia 20 - Kansas 13


Was last week an aberration or a sign that WVU has turned a corner? I think it’s the latter and WVU wins in solid fashion.

West Virginia 38 - Kansas 21

Robert Hurst

Hope springs for Mountaineer football, but this year is still going to be an uphill climb. I think WVU has shown they can score, but I don’t think KU is going to make it easy on us. The only time this team has been on the road it was ugly. I’ll hope for another pleasant surprise.

Kansas 31 - West Virginia 27

Tyler Brewster

The ‘eers really surprised me last week with their win over NC State. I admit that I was realllllllllllly low on our boys after Mizzou, but now I’m confident in our team going into Jayhawk country. It’s hard to think about Kansas as a threat in football, but they’re not as big of a pushover this year. I think it’s a tight game until halftime, but WVU pulls away in the 2nd half to secure win #3.

West Virginia 38 - Kansas 24

Michael Miller

Boy was I wrong about last week’s game. I like being wrong when I’m going against the Mountaineers. West Virginia showed up and surprised just about everyone, I think.

I think the WVU offense continues to show growth today in Lawrence, but I know better than to count out the Mad Hatter. Kansas wins on a last second field goal.

I want to be wrong again.

Kansas 27 - West Virginia 24


Who would have thought WVU-Kansas, in football, might be an exciting game? I think this is a close game but I think its a touchdown victory for the Mountaineers. Miles has his team feeding off the energy of 30-35,000 fans and the Jayhawks keep it close, but the talent deficit is still too great right now. George Campbell will catch another TD because all he does it catch touchdowns, Sam James cements his spot as the #1 receiver and Martell Pettaway decides to run for 100 yards.

West Virginia 35 - Kansas 28