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West By Pod Virginia: Listener Topics and Previewing NC State w/ Joedy McCreary

We went out of our way to not talk about Saturday’s loss at Missouri and instead elected to do LISTENER TOPICS

We’re joined this week by AP beat writer for the NC State Wolfpack, and West Virginia native, Joedy McCreary to take a look at what’s in store for West Virginia on Saturday when Tony Gibson rolls back into town.

We’re also going out of our way this week to purposely not talk about Saturday’s embarrassing 38-7 loss at Missouri, and instead have elected to solicit topics from you, the listener, via Twitter. We compiled the 21 best questions and answered them all but, in typical West By Pod Virginia fashion, technical difficulties struck somewhere around question #17, so the rest of the questions are now answered right here:

Our answer: Yes! There’s too much money to be made by keeping Spider-Man in the MCU. Homecoming and Far From Home were absolutely fantastic, and Tom Holland is the perfect Spidey. Also, Marisa Tomei’s Aunt May will impact thousands of teenage boys lives. Sony and Disney/Marvel will figure something out.

Our answer: This is something that must’ve happened on Monday, because we were out of the loop on it, but if it happens the only way to do it correctly is to have John Travolta and Nic Cage switch roles.

Our answer: I Googled this and he’s apparently still popping up here and there in Morgantown. The guy has somehow managed to extend whatever career he’s had for about 10 years past what anyone expected. Fun story about 6’6”: He showed up at a party at one of my friends’ apartments on University Ave. one night, and freshmen girls treated him like he was Kanye or Hov. I’m pretty sure he left with like four girls that night. Good for him.

Our answer: I’m assuming this is about boobs, and it is the official stance of this podcast and blog that boobs are great and should be celebrated.

That’s all of the listener topics. We’ll do more of these throughout the season because we’re sure there’s going to be other games that we just can’t bring ourselves to recap.

Send your comments and questions to @smokingmusket on Twitter.

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