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H2W & Open Thread: Best Virginia vs. Overseas Elite in TBT Second Round

Can the Mountaineer alumni pull off the biggest upset in TBT history today?

Garrett Yurisko | Twitter @fabs304

Best Virginia made their TBT debut on Friday with a 79-63 win over the Seven City Royalty to advance to today’s second round matchup with the four-time defending TBT champion Overseas Elite. The Elite made light work of the Hilltop Dawgs in the second match of Friday’s opening round, 104-76, derailing any hope that the former UMBC Terriers carried over any of that upset magic from the 2018 NCAA Tournament.

So what is The Basketball Tournament?

It’s the winner-take-all $2 million tournament comprised of 64 teams. They’re playing in 8 regionals across last weekend and this and will have an elite 8 next week in Chicago.

Is there anything different about it?

  • They use FIBA rules for goaltending, meaning players can knock a ball off the rim.
  • The game is played in four 9-minute periods.
  • They use the Elam Ending, which stops the clock after the first whistle inside of four minutes. From there, a target score is established by taking the leading team’s score and adding 8 points to it. This means every game ends with a bucket.


Time: 5:00PM ET

Location: Siegel Center // Richmond, Virginia

TV/Streaming: ESPN3/WatchESPN