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The West Virginia Quarterback Battle Continues

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Here’s what’s happening in Mountaineer Nation today!

As fall approaches and the 2019 college football season is just over the horizon, the West Virginia Mountaineers are still unsure about who will be leading the offense at the quarterback position. Austin Kendall, Jack Allison and Trey Lowe are the three Mountaineers competing for the starting role.

Kendall became the front runner when he transferred to WVU from Oklahoma, but two of the Mountaineer quarterbacks that were already on the roster are not far behind him, and may even be ahead of him. Allison has the most experience playing for WVU out of the three. He was also the last player to start under center for WVU, when he started in last season’s bowl game against Syracuse. Both Kendall and Allison are tall quarterbacks with talented arms, but they do not have the athletic ability of Lowe. Lowe stands out as the quarterback with the best running ability on the roster. Lowe, like Allison, also has experience as a Mountaineer.

All three candidates have skill sets and characteristics that could make them the starter, but who do you think will earn the top spot on the depth chart?

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West Virginia offensive linemen Colton McKivitz and Josh Sills have been named to the 2019 Outland Trophy Watch List. The Outland Trophy is awarded annually to college football’s best interior lineman. McKivitz and Sills are both experienced seniors that have received All-Big 12 honors in the past. The experienced running backs on the WVU offense may help McKivitz and Sills move their way up the watch list as the season progresses.

For years Mountaineer fans fantasized about scenarios where all of the best players that Bob Huggins recruited over the years could be on one team. That dream is now a reality. West Virginia alumni team “Best Virginia” has come together to compete in The Basketball Tournament (TBT), which is a winner-take-all tournament for a $2 million prize. Best Virginia will play in its first game of the tournament tomorrow at 3 p.m. in Richmond, Virginia. Best Virginia will face Seven City Royals, an Old Dominion alumni team. The game will be shown on ESPN3.

On this episode of Three Guys Before The Game, Tony Caridi and Brad Howe are joined by West Virginia sophomore Emmitt Matthews. During the conversation the guys discuss how Matthews improved during his first season in Morgantown. They also discuss how Matthews will have an even bigger role this year, as he and the Mountaineers try to bounce back from the rough 2018-19 season.

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