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Mountaineer Veterans See Potential in West Virginia Roster

Here’s what’s happening in Mountaineer Nation today!

This year’s Mountaineer football team recognizes that it may not have a star studded roster, but it still has potential. This week some of West Virginia’s veteran players spoke about the differences between last year’s roster and this season’s team, but they pointed out that one thing will stay the same, the Mountaineers are still going to work hard and earn their achievements.

Redshirt junior offensive lineman Josh Sills discussed how the stars of last year’s team worked hard and didn't rely on their name recognition. Senior running back Kennedy McKoy spoke this week about how, despite big changes within the program, this year’s Mountaineer team is working hard this offseason which could result in a successful season.

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New leaders are emerging now that a handful of former West Virginia football players have left the program. Some of the notable departures included wide receiver Marcus Simms leaving for the NFL supplemental draft, safety Derrick Pitts transferring to Marshall, and safety Kenny Robinson also entering the transfer portal. With openings in the WVU secondary, defensive backs Josh Norwood and Kerry Martin have emerged as potential leaders for the Mountaineer defense.

The new court in the WVU Coliseum is now under construction. The sixth Coliseum court design will see it’s first action this fall, beginning with volleyball season. The new design will work hand-in-hand with WVU’s rebranding effort with Nike. The font used on the court will match the lettering used on Mountaineer uniforms. The West Virginia athletic department unveiled the new look for the Coliseum floor in May.

Mountaineer soccer fans can now vote for this season’s soccer scarf. Follow the link to vote for one of the four scarf options for this year’s Mountaineer men’s and women’s soccer teams.

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