First Name Last Names

Over the year's I've noticed one trend in WVU football which hasn't effected the teams performance on the field, and yet is one of the most consistent trends I've seen from this team year in and year out. This trend is players who have last names, that are first names. It may not jump out to you at first, but if you look through the rosters over the last several years you will find it. Let's just run through some of them.

1. Tavon Austin
2. Stedman Bailey
3. Karl Joseph
4. Isaiah Bruce
5. Rasual Douglas
6. Will Clarke (an extra E, but still pronounced Clark)
7. KJ Dillon (again, spelled different, but pronounced like Dylan, there will be a few more of these)
8. Dravon Askew-Henry
9. Cody Clay
10. Darrien Howard
11. Skyler Howard
12. Jeremy Tyler

And one thing you might have noticed is that there are a lot of names you recognize here. Most of these players were starters or made major contributions during their time in Morgantown. On the roster right now we have Jack Allison and Austin Kendall both in a competition to be starting QB. Having a first name last name seems to lead to good production on the field for many of our former players. Are there any other names you can thing of that I left off this list?