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The Smoking Musket WVU Draft Guide

This week's NFL Combine marks the official start of Draft SZN - let the Musket be your guide as we follow six of our favorites through the pre-Draft process.

***This is a living document that will be updated throughout the spring in the leadup to April 25th***

quarterback | WILL GRIER

3864 yards | 9.7 YPA | 38 TD | 8 INT | 67%

Height - 6'2 1/2

Weight - 217

Age - 23

Calling Card - Pushing the ball downfield

Grier throws as nice a ball as any quarterback in the draft and is sneakily a good enough athlete to escape pressure and extend plays, but he needs to improve some occasionally questionable decision making and erratic footwork.

NFL Comparison - Poor man's Aaron Rodgers

2/28 update - Nothing eye-popping from Grier's measurables, but no red flags either. He may be slightly less dad bod-y than he was for much of the year, which certainly wouldn't be a bad thing.

Post-Combine update - Grier made some noise with his press conference, but his performance on the field left a little to be desired. He threw plenty of nice balls, but consistency was an issue on some of the intermediate and deep patterns. Some teams may be willing to excuse this due to the fact that he was throwing to unfamiliar targets, but he'll need to put on a show at our Pro Day to get his stock trending back in the right direction.

As for who seems interested, Grier reportedly met with both the Patriots and Broncos in Indianapolis. The former obviously hold the final pick in the first round as the reigning Super Bowl Champions, while the latter might be eyeing Grier with their 2nd rounder.

wide receiver | DAVID SILLS V

65 receptions | 986 yards | 15.2 YPR | 15 TD | 16 20+ yard receptions

Height - 6'3 1/4

Weight - 211

Age - 22

Calling Card - Jump ball specialist

Sills' big frame and outstanding body control make him an absolute nightmare in jump ball situations, but he needs to improve his hands and display the ability to consistently create separation to be more than a one-trick pony at the next level.

NFL Comparison - Mike Williams lite, Kenny Golladay

2/28 update - Sills didn't end up being as long as expected, and his small hands will probably concern some people considering the issues he's had with drops over the past two years. His performance in the explosiveness drills on Saturday just got much more important.

3/1 update - Sills certainly didn't hurt himself with 14 reps on the bench press, but he didn't help himself much either. He needs to absolutely kill it tomorrow or he risks falling out of Day 2.

Post-Combine update - David had a relatively ho-hum week in Indy. He caught the ball well, but he wasn't quite as long as expected and was fairly average across the board in the speed and agility drills, which won't help assuage any concerns that scouts may have about his ability to separate at the next level. The one thing he did really well was jump, which will validate the perception of him as a viable target in the red zone, but it remains to be seen what the market is for that kind of one-dimensional player. Sills met with the Chiefs, Falcons, and Redskins in Indy, but Dallas, New England, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh seem to be sniffing around, as well.

wide receiver | GARY JENNINGS JR

54 receptions | 917 yards | 17.0 YPR | 13 TD | 16 20+ yard receptions

Height - 6'1

Weight - 214

Age - 22

Calling Card - Consistency

Jennings' game doesn't have many weaknesses - he's physical, he runs excellent routes, and he catches everything.

NFL Comparison - Allen Robinson

2/28 update - Measurables box checked for Gary. 214lbs is a lot of weight to pack onto a 6'1 frame, and coaches and quarterbacks will have to love the idea of a 6'6 wingspan on a slot receiver. I think he stands to move into the Day 2 range with a strong showing on Saturday.

3/1 update - Gary checked his second box today by pumping out 20 reps on the bench press, good for 5th in his position group. He's done nothing but help himself so far and could lock himself in as a Day 2 pick if he runs well tomorrow.

Post-Combine update - Jennings, on the other hand, checked almost every box that he needed to in Indy. He measured in with a solid frame and long arms, showed off his physicality on the bench press, and ran well on Saturday. The only blemish was a puzzlingly poor 3-cone time, but he'll get another shot at that on Pro Day if he wants it. All in all a successful performance.

tight end | TREVON WESCO

26 receptions | 366 yards | 14.1 YPR | 1 TD | 8 20+ yard receptions

Height - 6’3 1/2

Weight - 267

Age - 22

Calling Card - Versatile skill set with a dash of throwback

Wesco's skill set is a beautiful blend of modern and traditional - he's comfortable blocking both inline and as an H-back, he gets open and has solid hands, and he's sneaky good after the catch.

NFL Comparison - Jim Kleinsasser

Possible Landing Spots - All 32 teams will be in the market for Wesco early on Day 3, but I'd love to see him land somewhere like Kansas City or San Francisco where he could fill a complimentary role to an established pass catcher.

2/28 update - Thiccer than Gronk with a 6'9 wingspan? Ladies and gentlemen, Trevon Wesco is an absolute unit. If he runs anywhere in the neighborhood of 4.7 this weekend he's going to moving up a lot of draft boards.

3/1 update - Wesco is quietly having himself a very nice week. He measured out like an absolute boss yesterday, then set the standard for tight ends on the bench today with an impressive 24 reps. He's not getting a ton of love in mainstream mock drafts, but I guarantee that he's somebody who coaches are taking note of as a viable option in the middle of the draft.

Post-Combine update - Wesco did everything that he needed to do to solidify himself as a Day 3 draft pick. The frame and physicality are everything you could ask for, while the speed and agility numbers confirm my assessment that he's probably best deployed as a complimentary piece in a creative 12-personnel offense. Wesco reportedly met with the Rams, Broncos, and Redskins at the combine, but IMO his best-case scenario is somewhere like Kansas City in the 5th or 6th round.


11 pressures allowed, 98.5 pass block efficiency

Height - 6'4 7/8

Weight - 312

Age - 22

Calling Card - Agility and length

Cajuste's injury history is a minor red flag, but when he's on the field he has the prototypical size and athleticism that scouts look for from 1st round tackles.

NFL Comparison - Tyron Smith

2/28 update - Cajuste's ridiculous 6'10 wingspan was somewhat lost in the sea of Stretch Armstrongs that is the NFL tackle talent pool, but putting up 32 bench reps with that kind of length will certainly turn some heads.

Post-Combine update - If Yodny's radar chart confirms one thing, it's that NFL tackles are exceptionally large humans. The idea that there's anything average about a person that's 6'5 312 with a 6'10 wingspan and 10' hands is almost comical, but it's reality. Cajuste did answer some questions about his strength at the point-of-attack with a Mountaineer record 32 reps on the bench, and by all accounts he did well in the 1v1 shadow drills, which should lock him in as a top 10 tackle in the draft. I can't imagine him falling past the Texans in the 2nd round at pick 54 or 55.

linebacker | DAVID LONG JR

111 tackles | 19.0 TFL | 7.0 sacks | 4 PBU

Height - 5'11

Weight - 227

Age - 22

Calling Card - Heat-seeking missile with a nose for the ball

Long has been one of best in the country at generating negative plays for three years now, but he'll need to prove himself in coverage to stick as a starter at the next level.

NFL Comparison - Lavonte David

Post-Combine update - Long didn't end up running at the combine, but his 6'3.5 wingspan and huge hands should allow him to play bigger than his listed height. I'm not sure why Long decided not to work out, but he's placed a lot of pressure on himself to perform well at West Virginia's Pro Day on March 21. Oakland and San Francisco seem to be the two most interested suitors for now.