I am tired of the WVU fans that, for some reason, think that a place like Duke or KU is better than WVU. News flash, they aren't. It is very easy to think that the grass is greener on the other side. Maybe your little corner of WV sucks, but Morgantown is one of the best college towns in AMERICA.

Our athletic department has become synonymous with success. People have enjoyed watching us play because the coaches have traditionally had to do more with less. But now, we are getting kids to come to WV.

WV is an amazing place. Remember the size of the field houses/arenas for some of these old BE rivals? I remember going to a WVU Seton Hall game in NJ once because I lived close by. WVU fans were louder. I was fortunate enough to own a bar in Puerto Rico. WVU came down twice to the preseason basketball tournament. I got to see us play against Steph Curry. I got to see us win a championship there! I got to see how our fan bases travel compared to other teams. In my opinion, fan base means as much or more in basketball than it does football.

There are many reasons to want to come to Morgantown. Clearly you haven’t traveled enough. Have you been to Syracuse? It’s a shit hole. Dinosaur BBQ is the only good thing about the whole town. The Carrier Dome is sad, old, and falling apart. Have you ever been to a football game at Maryland, CHAD? My fiance from PR asked me, ‘why don’t the fans stand up the whole time as they do at WVU?’ You don’t know what you are talking about. Have you been to a PITT game? Happy Valley sucks. When you really look at the map, for our region of the country, WVU has a lot more to offer at a better value than the vast majority of schools within a 500-mile radius.

The kids today think of our school as a team with an excellent athletic department because WV has been on an upward trajectory for 40 years. We have had and continue to have great coaches. WV offers more for less because WV does more with less. So STFU. I don’t know if you forgot, but WVU tends to beat KU at home and only loses to them on the road because of BigXII refs. WVU can beat anyone at any time any where and everyone outside of WV knows it. Most schools are only competitive on the hardwood or the gridiron. We have a land grant university with one of the best college towns in AMERICA that’s good at both major sports and has been good at both for almost three DECADES. We live in WEST BY GAWD Virginia. Act accordingly. Stop with this bs thinking that these other schools are better than us. They aren’t. WVU is one of the best places in the country to earn a degree and play sports. The kids know it. Now you do too.

If you make a comment on this site about not being able to get the kids that other schools get on this fan site, I'm going to troll you hard! If I'm busy and I don't get around to it, I give license to troll to anyone who reads this and agrees with me. If you see WVU fans talking about how much better Duke or KU is, please silence them mercilessly. Everyone has a right to free speech. But no one has the right to talk bad about WVU!