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Come join this new, weird Slack thing we’re doing

Let’s hang out.

Workplace Messaging App Slack Listed On New York Stock Exchange Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

We’re doing something new and (hopefully) fun here at The Smoking Musket. We’re strong believers that sports are better when they’re enjoyed communally. We realize that with changes in technology over the last 5-10 years, most people use their mobile devices more often than desktops and laptops. Our current setup with GameThreads is not the most conducive for mobile users that want to talk with other fans about the game as it’s happening, and most people elect to use Twitter and Facebook to livetweet during a game. Our goal now is to bring the best of all that into one convenient location for everyone.

Starting with the Ohio State game this Sunday, December 29th, we’ll be opening up our Slack channel for fans to hang out and talk about the action as it happens. If all goes well, we’ll do this for every West Virginia football and basketball game, and probably any televised baseball games this coming Spring. We’ll also open it up for special events like National Signing Day, any time there’s any major news that we feel people want to talk about, or maybe even just a weekly open free-for-all chat.

To join in, just submit your email address using the form below or by CLICKING HERE. I’ll be sending out invites throughout the week. Slack can be used on desktop or through the Slack mobile app, which can be found in the app store for Android and Apple devices.