Always a Mountaineer!

After going back and forth with a few of the individuals on this site and what it means for a fanpost, here I am live, after turning on my PC and putting my smartphone to the side!

To say the last couple of years has been a roller coaster ride is not to provide any credit to the last two years. From losing my wife to hitting the reset button and moving to Kansas to start over again, things have been just weird and happy. I have gained a better understanding of what family and friends truly mean and the one thing that we all share is the great state of West Virginia and our Mountaineers.

I have only been on this site officially for about a year, but I have been reading it a lot longer than that. So, after retiring last year I focused on recovering from loss and being more involved with Mountaineer activities. My dad and I flew to Charlotte to see the Mountaineers take on the Volunteers and it provided a relief, and some get away time. Then a buddy of mine in little town Kansas who is a Mountaineer fan convinced me to drive down to Stillwater, Oklahoma and watch the heartbreaker of all games versus the OSU Cowboys. Even though last season was up and down, just being able to watch and root for the Mountaineers helped me recover greatly. I was able to checkout from the B.S. that was going on and just focus on something that could help me just a few days a month......LETS GO MOUNTAINEERS!

The great state of West Virginia and the Mountaineers have been a part of my life since I left the Army in 2004 and went to school there. I was able to meet great people and organizations that cared about people as individuals and not just numbers. I just loved the place!

I was able to convince my wife who passed away to not only cheer for the UNC Tarheels but to also fall in love with the WVU Mountaineers. Her favorite thing to say during football season was "Skyler on the keeper" and "What the hell is Dana thinking?" During basketball season I think she had a secret crush on Huggy Bear, but oh well. The point is that she loved the Mountaineers and she was excited when Kennedy McKoy signed with them out of Lexington, NC and pissed off when we went to the Cactus Bowl only because she had to work early the next day. I also helped convince my best friend that enrolling at West Virginia University was a good thing and now he is a proud Mountaineer graduate and deep down I think he has a man crush on Tavon Austin.

I know this season has been up and down and at times just pure frustrating as hell, but the fact remains that the players that have remained thus far have earned their stripes along with the fans. Just to shed some light on the meaning of dad and I got into a knock down argument over something and one month later we were in Morgantown, West Virginia watching texas vs. WVU like nothing ever happened. When I met Ms. Kansas WV and I immediately had her fall in love with the Mountaineers. She enjoys the passion that we all bring to the game as fans and she loves to watch WVU Football. Her first football game ever was texas vs. WVU at homecoming and she just fell in love with the state, the school and being a Mountaineer! This past weekend I decided to give her the ring and take her to the WVU vs. ksu game and we had the time of our life.

So, guess what I am trying to say here is that this team needs us just as much as we need them. We will have our ups and downs and disagreements, but everything comes together in the end. Me and dad worked it out over WVU Football, my future love has bought in to being a Mountaineer and the team has helped me thru some terrible B.S.

I won’t quit criticizing HCNB on some of his play calling or time management, but damnit I am Trusting the Climb. I will continue to give A. Kendall crap about putting ass behind his throws or whatever happened to our run game, but like I said, "This team needs us just as much as we need them." I am proud of this team and the guts they have showed this year. Being a Mountaineer helped me overcome a lot of adversary in my life the past couple of years and I will continue to stand behind this team, school and state.

"Trust the climb"

and my own saying "Bring back the damn fullback"