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WEST BY POD VIRGINIA: Recappin’ Tennessee

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In this week’s episode of the fastest growing West Virginia podcast on the whole wide Internet, we’re talking about that near-perfect performance in Charlotte. Oh, and we briefly talk about playing Youngstown State

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NCAA Football: Tennessee at West Virginia Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Topics covered include:

  • Timing Issues in the first half before the offensive monster awakened in the second quarter
  • Kenny Bigelow having no regard for human life
  • Will Grier doing absolutely everything you want a Heisman candidate to do
  • Our thoughts on the running backs situation
  • How Dana Holgorsen and Tony Gibson won the week
  • Texas Tech fans believing they actually had a defense
  • Texas definitely not being back
  • Oklahoma still being the class of the Big 12 until proven otherwise
  • Why is Kansas?
  • A week 2 preview featuring ¡El Assico!, Kansas State’s shot at redemption, the nightmare continuing for Chip Kelly in Norman, Pitt/Penn State and HERM AFTER DARK.
  • We play a game on Saturday, and we shouldn’t see any starters in after the first half
  • Good Idea/Bad Idea for West Virginia vs. Youngstown State
  • Smoking Musket Tailgate Correspondent Bart Keeler joins us for a rundown of all the happenings on the ground in Charlotte
  • Alabama and LSU have legitimate good quarterbacks and we welcome death
  • #VolTwitter becomes the first subject to be retired from our Dumb Thing of the Year of the Week segment