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WEST BY POD VIRGINIA: Raider Rash feat. Hunter Cooke

Friend of the blog and the Internet’s only Texas Tech football fan, Hunter Cooke, joins West By Pod Virginia to break down West Virginia’s matchup with the Red Raiders on Saturday

Geoff Coyle

Topics covered include:

  • PODCAST BUSINESS: Buy our shirts @
  • West Virginia’s upcoming trip to Lubbock and why they should definitely not eat the tortillas.
  • The perfect opportunity for Dana Holgorsen to show growth as a head coach
  • Beards
  • How the most bullshit, difficult video game boss has been yourself this entire time.
  • Kansas State is Actually Really Bad
  • We played sloppy this past Saturday and still managed to win by 29 points.
  • We may be good.
  • How speed and Tony Gibson’s bank account were the true winners this week.
  • Pointing and laughing at Virginia Tech
  • The always valuable rule to live by: Never Tweet
  • Army almost beat Oklahoma and 20,000 people watched it on an illegal Twitch stream
  • Our weekly Alabama Death Machine check-in. Status: still murderin’
  • WHO IS MORE BACK? Texas or Tiger?
  • RIP Pat Narduzzi, dead at the hands of UCF