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West Virginia Waits For Help In The AP & Coaches Poll

Now comes the hard part, waiting for other teams to fail

NCAA Football: Kansas State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

The West Virginia Mountaineers did everything they had to this week. They played a conference a opponent who has always been a thorn in their side and dispatched them with relative ease. The unfortunate part for WVU is that so did basically everyone above them and because of that, the ‘Eers remain 12th in the AP Poll.

Good news for West Virginia is that while they remain at the same position, they gained 82 votes from last week. Last week both Washington and Penn State had 947 votes to stay at 10th while WVU checked in with 841 votes for 12th. Now they have 923 votes and are only 23 votes away from Washington. A top ten ranking is only 64 votes away.

West Virginia will have an opportunity to earn their first win over a ranked team next week as they take on newly ranked #25 Texas Tech Red Raiders.

Full AP Poll can be found here.

The Coaches Poll moves West Virginia up one to 12th overall. The ‘Eers have a high ranking of 12 and a low ranking of 20. I don’t know who you are watching but if this team is the 20th best to you, you probably are coaching a losing squad and shouldn’t be evaluating FBS teams to begin with.

Full coaches poll can be found here