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Dana Holgorsen provides hurricane updates on Saturday’s WVU-N.C. State game

The team is still preparing to play the Wolfpack in Raleigh

Tennessee v West Virginia Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

West Virginia head football coach Dana Holgorsen provided some updates and clarity regarding the game between WVU and N.C. State on Saturday, Sept. 15, in Raleigh, North Carolina, which is up in the air due to Hurricane Florence.

Florence, a category-4 storm, is expected to make landfall in North Carolina on Thursday, about 140 miles south of Raleigh.

Holgorsen opened the presser saying, “We’ve been instructed to prepare for N.C. State, so we’re preparing for N.C. State,” implying that no decision to cancel the game has been made as of noon on Tuesday.

He continued to say that the decision to play the game lies primarily with N.C. State and ACC administrators, as it is a home game for the school and conference.

Holgorsen stated that there are no plans to reschedule the game. “We’ll play Saturday at 3:30 or we won’t play,” Holgorsen said, before telling a story from his days at Houston.

The coach recalled when a Houston football game was moved to Dallas because of a hurricane, but the team was more concerned with watching the impact the storm had on their city than playing the game (a game that was actually played in the same storm).

Dana reiterated that the primary concern is and should be on the safety of the players, staff and fans, but most importantly on the people in the path of the hurricane.

The Smoking Musket will keep updating the story as needed.

UPDATED 12:44 p.m. EDT

The UCF-UNC game scheduled for Saturday in Chapel Hill (28 miles west of Raleigh) has been canceled.