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WEST BY POD VIRGINIA: Talkin’ About ‘Canes feat Joedy McCreary

We’re joined this week by AP sports writer and West Virginia ex-pat Joedy McCreary to look at this Saturday’s possible matchup between the Mountaineers and the Wolfpack.

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Topics covered include:

  • West Virginia and NC State allegedly having a game scheduled for this weekend
  • Hurricane Florence lookin’ to derail Will Grier’s Hesiman campaign
  • Our good idea/bad idea for this game
  • Joedy gives us the most Don Nehlen answer possible to a question
  • Recappin’ Youngstown State
  • Gary Jennings Touchdown Multiplier
  • Leddie Brown and Marcus Simms shining
  • Herm Edwards is factually, statistically the greatest college football coach of all time
  • James Franklin’s petty game is outstanding
  • Georgia and Alabama’s deathgrip on the SEC
  • Ole Miss going 12-0, winning the SEC and Alabama STILL getting into the College Football Playoff
  • TCU gets a shot to jump to the top of the Big 12 Power Rankings
  • Kansas and Rutgers is a violation of the Geneva Convention
  • People getting mad about uniform combinations


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