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WEST BY POD VIRGINIA: Breaking Vols with David Ubben

IT’S GAME WEEK! We’re joined by The Athletic’s Tennessee beat writer David Ubben to get a closer look at the Volunteers before Saturday’s showdown in the Belk College Kickoff in Charlotte.

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Topics covered include:

  • The Sabanization of the SEC
  • Is Jeremy Pruitt going to be another failed attempt at being Saban Lite, or will he follow Kirby Smart’s lead and be an *actually good* coach
  • FAU at Oklahoma being played at noon on Saturday instead of in primetime on Thursday or Friday night is a criminal offense
  • The Hooting Musket returns!
  • Texas Tech is somehow favored against Ole Miss in the AdvoCare Texas Kickoff
  • How bad, exactly, are the Red Raiders going to be this season, and who wins the Kliff Kingsbury offensive coordinator sweepstakes
  • Texas Back? Possibly, as the Longhorns take on a Maryland team in complete disarray. Be prepared to hear how Texas is going to win a National Championship for at least the first three weeks of the season.
  • West Virginia fans getting #MadOnline because of some articles about Bill Stewart
  • How the past has no bearing on what is in front of the 2018 West Virginia Mountaineers, and what could be a very special season.


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