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No Matter What, Enjoy This Season

In what could be a make-or-break season for many, my advice to you is enjoy it all

Ohio State V West Virginia

We’re almost there fans. We are on the verge of what could be a historic season. The West Virginia Mountaineers could be playing for their first Big 12 Conference Championship and if the cards fall right, a spot in the Playoffs. Some of you are going to say “One game at a time!” and some of you are going to hold onto the realism/pessimism to say “We won’t win more than 8 games”. I don’t blame you for whatever you need but I am here to tell you: ENJOY THIS SEASON.

The Mountaineers will enter the 2018 season with one of the best quarterbacks in the nation in Will Grier. Grier has brought national exposure to the Mountaineers. Every article this offseason has centered around just how talented Grier is and what he could do this season. That has to make you, as a fan, feel good that we are getting national love from everyone. Grier has even garnered serious Heisman consideration. His name is on the tip of everyone’s tongue when they talk about who is a Heisman contender. That means the state and the team are being plastered on television and national talk shows constantly.

Enjoy this season where the Mountaineers have one of the best wide receivers in the country and maybe finally we can bring the Biletnikoff home to Morgantown. The national media may start the narrative about David Sills and being a former USC commit but it will always end with him being one of the best wide receivers in the nation and playing for the Mountaineers. Enjoy the chemistry he has with his quarterback. Enjoy how defenses always have to account for him and how it affects the entire offense, freeing up his other receivers.

Enjoy this season with one of the best linebackers in both the Big 12 and the nation in David Long, Jr. Long could simply be named Mr.-Tackle-For-Loss or Mr. TFL and we, the fans, get to enjoy him. Long will be healthy to start the season and now armed with both an experienced defensive line in front of him and an experienced secondary behind him, Long could be in for a season where he makes his name nationally. Long will help make the entire defense better. Offenses will have to account for the tackling machine, freeing up other players to make plays.

Even if this season crashes and burns, enjoy this season. Enjoy the hype of the being ranked in both polls to start the season. Enjoy the hype of analyst after analyst after analyst talking about this team. This is only the third time in the last 30 years that the Mountaineers enter the season with larger than life aspirations. No matter what, enjoy this season.