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WEST BY POD VIRGINIA: Low down, dirty snitches

We’re back with a new episode after an extended break that’s to the most boring college football offseason ever.

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NCAA Football: Tennessee at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Topics covered include:

  • This offseason being the most boring ever and leading to manufactured controversy to generate content
  • The lack of a Mountaineer alumni team in The Basketball Tournament is an outrage, which leads to us volunteering to take up the mantle and putting one together for 2019.
  • Ot Elmore managed to cobble together a team of Marshall bench warmers and in-state DII players that got blasted by Jared Sullinger and The Scarlet & Gray on Saturday.
  • Bobak Ha’eri from Reddit CFB joins us to talk about his whirlwind tour of college football media days.
  • The Sun Belt holds the best media days of all the G5 conferences, while the Big East still has their clambake on the first day of Big East Media Days.
  • Big 12 Media Days being hosted at The Star in Dallas, which is everything you’d imagine Jerry Jones’ personal Disneyworld to look like - complete with the creepy Troy Aikman dolls in your hotel room.
  • Dana Holgorsen giving Bobak a shoutout for his shirt on day two.
  • Will Grier and David Sills V being completely on the same page, and being able to give the exact same answer to a question despite being no where near each other.
  • Fortnite being the scourge of college football coaches
  • Our thoughts on #VolTwitter taking things entirely too seriously - to the point they’re willing to boycott Walmart for clapping back at them on Twitter.
  • One Vol fan driving to Morgantown - in this gas economy - to hold a Tennessee flag outside Milan Puskar Stadium while wearing his finest pair of jorts, and then DMing West Virginia athletes.

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